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Kyoya came down stairs to the kitchen to meet up with Honey and Mori.

Kyoya's P.O.V

Mori,Honey what do you want for dinner?
I asked. Me and Reo are pretty capable cook so I didn't see the need to hire one. well atleast at this house. My other houses have live in cooks. They don't always cook for me but for the other servants. At least I can sleep well knowing all my servants eat a good dinner.

Ammm Katsudon....?
Honey said while turning to Mori to see if he agrees with it.

Yeah Katsudon is Fine
Mori said.

Ok then Katsudon it is then
I said while putting my apron on.

So any new plans for your company?
I said. Honey and Mori's company isn't that open to the public.

The Government is asking more and more of the anti-experiment B.E.Es and knifes
Mori said.

I'm trying to make a new weapon to help kill the experiment. Now that I know I'll be helping my nephew I'm more fired up
Honey said. Its nice but also a little terrifying to know both of them sells weapons to the government.

Oh yeah... About Nagisa should we inform him we know about his class?
Honey asked

Yeah.. I mean he's legally not allowed to tell us. It would give All of us comfort knowing he isn't hinding any secret
Mori said.

Thats a wonderful option
I said. I'm actually not listening very well

He won't tell us about his classmates shenanigans over dinner Reo still don't know
I said. I'm pretty sure Reo has no idea about what the governments has been informing me about.

Kyoya. Did you forgot Reo came from my Family?
Mori said.

And.... What does that mean?
I said.

And You're one of my best friends.....
Mori added.

Forgosh sakes Mori just tell me
I said

I informed him about everything so far
Mori said. Wait thats Illegal

Mori..... Thats..... Against the agreement the Government and we agreed upon
I said. How can he be so careless. I mean I trust Reo its just if the government finds out about this Mori AND Reo will be subjected to memory wape. I  know as I was the one who Invented the damn thing. I sometimes ask my young 19 year old self why did I make such dangerous things.

Amm Kyoya-ch kun I think the katsudon is ready
Honey said. Pointing out the almost burnt Katsudon. *sigh* I was so bussy thinking that this happend.

Nagisa's P.O.V

Oh Nagisa.... If you don't do as I say your dear mother will die......

*Gasp* that memory again. Why must it always be related with him...? Wait. Where am I? Huh? *lookes around* Whoa its almost like my dream room.

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                 [Picture's not mine]

No nevermind it is my dream room. I'm guessing this is my room in Kyoyas house... Wait..  He'll be upset if he knows I just called this house his he'll probably say something like you are my son what evers in my name is also yours Nagisa Or something like that. Whelp I better get up and find him even though the bed is so comfy..... No! Nagisa you're better then this plus your stomach is begging you to feed it over come this super hard challenge. Huh? ITS ALREADY 7:30?! My world no wonder my stomach is crying. Lets go then you poor thing. I thought while getting up. Judging from the view from the window I'm at the second floor. So the kitchen will automatically be down stairs.

Hear this when I just drop Nagisa to school when I was half an hour away I saw what I suspect to be his classmates jumping from roof to roof at first I thought it wasseeing things because I was sleep deprived but now...

I heard Kyoya said. *gasp* he knows.... Kyoya knows..... How the

Oh Nagisa you better get down stairs before you accidentally fall
Uncle Mori said. The heck? How did he know I was here.

Well seeing a blue hair peeking through the ceiling is normal
He said. Oh gosh damn it This hair is more trouble then its worth.

I said. While walking down stairs and walking close to them.

So.... you guys know about E-class
I said. Sitting down

Well we hold the worlds stock market in our hands. And also I did say my company mostly is in the medical field.
Kyoya said.

So the Government was more then welcome to tell me everything
Kyoya added. The heck! So this is one of the privilege for the Mega Rich.

And.. Uncle Mori and Uncle Honey?
I asked

We work close with the government. Aka we're the one making the anti-experiment B.B.S and knifes.
Uncle honey said.

Whaaa...... What!!!!
I said. No way! My cute and adorable Uncle is one of the people making the anti-Koro sensei B.B.S and knifes we've been using?!! This is to much for one day.

*Grumble grumble grumble*
Says mister stomach. This is embarrassing.

Hahaha Dinners just got done. Honey,Mori set up the table while I wake up Reo
Kyoya said. Going down stairs

I still can't believe you guys know about this
I mumbled.

Ahhahahaha well you better believe it. By the way I'm working on making a new weapon against the experiment
Uncle Mori said. Experiment?.. Oh Koro sensei

The experiment prefers to be called Koro-sensei
I said.

Oh? Thats interesting
Uncle Honey said. While putting down the palates

I'll help
I said. Getting the Forks and spoons uncle Mori was about to give uncle Honey. When we were done with that Kyoya and a man came up stairs. Wait.... I've seen this man before..... Ah the sleeping man in the back car seat!
I accidentally voiced out.

Oh great there goes my first
The man said

My Names Reo Hanyu pls to finally meet you Nagisa
He said bowing

Oh you don't need to bow pls its embarrassing
I said.

Shall we eat
Kyoya said sitting down.

Yeah I'm starving
Uncle Reo said.

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