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Nagisa and Ritsu said in a low voice. Looking at Yoshia or should they call Grandpa...

Ritsu... get Wabisabi here...
Nagisa said

But He said he'll kill me if I were to ever cut classes...
Ritsu said in a pitiful voice.

I'm sure he won't once you explain to him what the hell is going on... GO
Nagisa said

Huh? Nagisa did you say something?
Kayano asked

Ah! No
Nagisa said while hiding his phone, and Ritsu going to get Wabisabi...

Oh? Okay

Alright children line up boys in the left and girls in the right
Mr. Karasuma said

Everyone said while lining up


Ritsu said while appearing in a computer

Yes? Ritsu? Why are you even here?
Wabisabi said while checking Kyoya's schedule

That stupid excuse of a father is our tour guide
Ritsu said

Oh!?! What!?! That man was actually willing to spend some time with random kids and not with his kids when they were young WOW not to mention he's lowering himself its a miracle Kami-sama has blessed us
Wabisabi said in an annoyed voice

Yes! He probably did it knowing Nagisa and Me are there
Ritsu said with a look of "give me a chair I'll smash it to the old man" on her face

Oh my gosh... what a pain... that old man is just a pain in the ass nothing more...
Wabisabi said in a low and annoyed voice. Its not the first time Yoshia did something to make Kyoya look at him, its kinda ironic Kyoya spent his whole childhood trying to make him look at him, but when Kyoya stopped and accepted the fact he's disowned and doesn't have a family, thats when he pays attention to him... Fuck that sick old man

Gonna say Thank you to him tho as without him disowning Kyoya I wont be created
Wabisabi said

Thank who exactly?
Kyoya suddenly said while closing his office door

What are you doing here Ritsu? Its school hours
Kyoya added while glaring at Ritsu

Whaaa I was just telling wabisabi something important, Bye!
Ritsu said before immediately disappearing

Kyoya said while slowly turning to him

Can we not talk about it?
Wabisabi said in a spoiled tone. Making Kyoya more interested

You have a meeting with the minister of defense in an hour
Wabisabi said clearly trying to change the subject

30 minutes for you to explain then...
Kyoya said, making it clear he's not letting this go

Yoshia apparently is a tour guide now
Wabisabi said not caring about Kyoya's glare

Grandfather Wabisabi Grandfather
Kyoya said

Calling him grandfather would be an insult to all the grandfathers in the world
Wabisabi said only making Kyoya chuckle a little

Anyways just tell Nagisa and Ritsu to respect him and such
Kyoya said

...(internal rage scream) Does he deserves their respect!?
Wanisabi said in a half screaming voice thats clearly filled with annoyance and anger. Surprising Kyoya a bit

Kyoya said in a solf gentle tone. "Thats right he's still a child too after all" he thought while trying to calm Wabisabi

I refuse to tell them! If you want tell them yourself!
Wabisabi said before disappearing

*sigh* kids...
Kyoya said while taking out his phone to text Nagisa about it...



Huh? Oh? My bad guys
Nagisa said while taking out his phone

¥ : Nagisa treat him with respect. He might have disowned me but he still my sperm donor

♧ : are you serious!?!

¥: yes I'm serious, jeez what wrong with you boys today...

♧: judging from what you said Wabisabi didnt take it well, so I have reason to believe he's worse then the witch

¥: I need to go now try to learn something.

♧: I hope I wont learn how to be a bad parent

¥: Nagisa...

♧: Ritsu not Nagi bye

Did you justed blamed me for something I did do!?!
Ritsu said in a very upset tone of voice

Yes, Yes I did
Nagisa said while putting his phone back on his pocket

Isnt that my job? I'm the youngest
Ritsu said making Nagisa chuckle a bit

Karma said in a questioning voice

Oh! Nothing... hehehehe
Nagisa said while going to the front of the line

Okay Boys follow me and girls follow the boys
Yoshia said, obviously doing it so he can get close to Nagisa

Ritsu said making Nagisa chuckle again

You know it's a little disrespectful to have your earphones on while someone is talking
Yoshia said, which bad Ritsu even more mad. Nagisa could swear he sees Ritsu throwing stuff at Yoshia... while unplugging his earphones

So what your name child?
Yoshia asked

Nagisa answered

Last name? Or first name?
Yoshia asked, "he's clearly trying to hear me say Ootori" Nagisa thought and decided he won't give him what he wants

Shiota is my last name and Nagisa is my first name
Nagisa said with a smile in his face. All the boys who saw this shiver a little

Oh? Then I'll call you Nagisa then
Yoshia said. Nagisa can almost hear Ritsu screaming curses at him. I regret going here( T - T ) he thought while looking forward

You can almost hear his internal scream
Karma said in a low voice

I know right
Terasaka said

Oh the gorilla can think what a nice evolution...
Karma said in a teasing tone

Fuck you
Terasaka said loud enough to make Mr. Karasuma to hear and glare at him

Oh shit
Terasaka said in a low voice, while avoiding Mr. Kurasumas glare

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