ItDoHCH Part 11

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As Algar continued to hold his crying angel, he became even angrier at what had just occurred. Although it probably meant that she preferred him over his brother, Kree's behavior was still unacceptable. He still should have known better.

True, the Cacaelian males had always believed that females were their's to do with as they pleased, but they where to be protected and cared for as well. They were never to be physically abused. But that was something that Kree never seemed to understand.

"Ah brother!" He heard Kree say. "I see your back! I trust everything is going to plan." The asshole, came in smiling with a smug look upon his face. Algar could feel Alicia's body once again begin to tremble in his arms. He looked at her beautiful face, but all he could see were both tears and terror in her eyes. He clenched his jaw, as this made his blood boil.  Calmly, he laid Alicia back down on the bed, as he got off of it. 

One advantage that the Cacaelians had over the Atlanteans, was that it was easier for them to maneuver on land.  By twisting some of their tentacles together, and creating makeshift legs, they were able to walk on land somewhat similar to humans. If it ever became necessary they could probably disguise themselves as humans, if they wore some kind of human clothing.

Algar quickly walked over to Kree, his fist began to clench in rage as his brother still had that smug expression on his face. The triumphant smirk made him even angrier. Kree was blissfully unaware of the hatred that he was feeling for him at that very moment.

"I hope you don't mind, brother." Kree began. "But while you were gone, the little kitten and I had an amazing—."

Bam! Before he could finish the sentence, Algar's fist came flying across his face. Kree went down hard, in just one punch.

"BASTARD!" Cried Algar.

As Kree was holding his now injured jaw, he looked up at his brother with a look of both confusion and anger.

"WHAT THE HELL, BROTHER?" Exclaimed Kree. Algar was doing his best to subside his anger, as he began breathing heavily through his nose.

"I said I would share her with you!" Algar proclaimed in anger. "I did not give you permission to abuse her!"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Asked Kree in anger. "I didn't abuse her!"

"Oh really, get up!" Algar ordered. "I want to show you something!"

As he slowly got up, he was obviously having some trouble due to the hard punch he had received from Algar. Alger then grabbed his brother's wrist, and jerked him towards the bed. Alicia was still laying there crying. Her eyes widened in terror as soon as Kree came near her.

"Does she look okay to you?" Algar growled.

"She's probably faking it." Kree replied. "You know, divide and conquer."

"Oh really." Algar replied in disgust. "Tell me Kree, does this look fake to you?" He then turned her over on her stomach, and showed him the the massive amount of dried blood and the bruising around her backside.

"Or this?" He asked as he pointed to the large bruise on the back of her shoulder. Kree's eyes widened, as his look of anger soon turned to that of horror.

"I-I swear." He cried. "I didn't know. I-I'm sorry kitten." He had a genuine look of regret upon his face. He reached out to her, but Algar grabbed him by the throat.

"DON"T TOUCH HER!" Algar cried, as he was seething, He could see the look of fear in Kree's eyes, but the look soon turned to anger.

"Well maybe if you had given her voice back to her by know, she could have told me I was hurting her!" Cried Kree.

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