ItDoHCH Part 7

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Warning ⚠️ Explicit material of non-consensual sex. Read at your own risk!

Algar gently cupped her face and turned it so she was facing him. With that he pressed his lips to hers, as he hungrily began to devour them. His tongue then tried to gain access between her lips, but she denied him. The thought of it made her stomach turn, as she kept her lips tightly shut.

"Open your mouth, kitten!" He growled.

Regrettably she felt she had no choice but to relent to his lecherous demands. As much as it pained her, she allowed his vile tongue the entrance that it was so desperately seeking. It was all she could do to keep from gagging. But what was even more disturbing, was what Kree was starting to do.

His hand cupped her breast, as he began to gently fondle her. As he continued, her nipples began to harden. But she soon felt his cold slimy tongue on her breast. His oral assault continued as he began to pleasure her. What he was doing to her was revolting, but unfortunately her body disagreed.

Her breathing increased, as she couldn't help but feel aroused. Kree began to chuckle, obviously under the wrong impression that she was actually enjoying what he was doing to her. But the more he continued, so did the acceleration of her body's response.

Algar stopped kissing her, as his lips made their way down to her neck. His cold slobbering tongue, and his ravenous mouth attacked her neck with great hunger. Her body began to stiffen, as she had no way of crying out. As her mind and body continued to struggle against each other, she could feel Algar's hand slowly make it's was down her body.

He had soon reached her thighs, and then made his way between her legs. His fingers gently graced her opening slit, with the only barrier being her black thong panties. As he kept rubbing her outer sexual core, she could feel warm liquid seeping into her panties. She could feel the heat that his actions were causing, as the muscles in her core began to react.  Algar then began to laugh. "I see you have more than one set of quivering lips."

Algar then slipped his hand underneath her panties, as he began to circling her folds with his fingers. The more he continued, the further inside of her his fingers went. As he further explored her Pandora's box, he found her sacred sexual core.

"Such a pretty little girl!" He whispered. As he did so, she could feel his hot breath on her ear. While his fingers continued their assault at her opening, his tongue began to assault her ear. Her body began to stiffen, as her back began to arch. The two of them were now overstimulating every part of her body's erogenous zones. It was torture, as her body had no way of releasing itself without her ability to scream.

"Such a good little kitten." Algar cooed. "Getting all wet for us." He removed her his hand from between her legs, and began to lick the succulent juices that that her body bestowed upon him. He closed his eyes, and began to moan as he sucked her sweet ambrosia off of each individual finger. He savored the taste of her sexual arousal.

"Please brother." Groaned Kree. "But I must taste for myself. I must taste it directly from it's source."

Alicia closed her eyes, as tears began to fall. She kept shaking her head in defiance, but she knew it would be to no avail.

"Don't deny us, kitten." Growled Algar. "Learn your place." He then made her sit up a little, and got behind her. Her back was now laying against his rock hard chest. He reached from behind, and delicately grabbed her breast. He soon began massaging them, while gently teasing her hardening nipples.

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