TCHS Part 13

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Agan sat on the floor of his cell, crouched into a ball. His arms hugging his knees as he kept rocking back, and forth.  He just kept hugging himself, and crying. He failed them, he had failed them all. The tour guides, his students, Eric, and of course Hailey, their fates were sealed all because of him.

Why didn't he heed the warnings that he had heard, when he grew up here?  He never believed in the legendary sacred kingdom, or in the infamous Naga King. But not only does such a creature exist, said creature had used him as a pawn his entire life. And for what?  Because of his being a monster's puppet, twelve people were dead. And the woman he loved, was going to be that beast's personal concubine.

As he continued to cry he all of sudden heard her sweet voice.

"What is this?", she cried.

"This is my present to you my dear," he explained. "One last goodbye."  Tears began to run down her cheeks, as she called out to him.

"Agan!", cried Hailey. His face shot up, and for a brief moment he felt like smiling.  That was until he saw that the naga beast was carrying her. Just like that, the brief second of joy that he felt soon turned into anger.

"Get your filthy claws off of her!", cried Agan.

"You are in no position to make demands, human.", the naga scoffed. He then gently lowered Hailey until her feet hit the floor. With that she ran over to Agan crying, as she grabbed the bars of his cell. Agan wrapped his hand around her's, and they stared at one another with bittersweet tear.

"Are you all right?", she asked.

"As best as could be expected," he replied. You look beautiful, by the way." She then looked at him, and gave him a teary smile.

"What, this old thing?", she asked. Both let out a slight chuckle at the same time, but he could see the sorrow in her eyes. Her smile then began to fade.

"W-where are the others?", she asked.

He could tell by the look on her face, that she was hoping that they were still alive. Agan then felt angry, and looked past her towards the naga.

"Why don't you ask him!", Agan growled.

Hailey shut her eyes, as tears continued to flow. Slowly she turned around, and faced her captor.

"What have you done?", she cried.  With an actual look of sympathy in his eyes, he placed his right hand on her cheek.

"I'm sorry my dear," he replied. "but it had to be done."

"What—had—to—be—done?", she cried through gritted teeth.

"I am an immortal demigod, Hailey," he replied. "My mother was human, but my father was the snake god. I love you, and I won't lose you again—ever!  My father agreed to grant you immortality, however there was a price."

"What kind of a price?", she asked.

"Ten human hearts," he told her. "However, I have collected twelve. More than enough to insure that you will be forever mine."

"Why don't you tell her that you ripped out their heats while they were still alive!", Agan spat.

"Oh my God!", she cried. "You're a horrible monster!  Why? Why did you have to do that?  I never wanted to be immortal!  The thought of spending eternity with you—I mean, I might as well be in hell. You killed twelve innocent people, and it wasn't anything I even wanted. How could you?"

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