TCHS Part 14

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The Naga King carried his teary eyed bride-to-be bride to be to the top of the pyramid. Thousands of snakes bowed their heads as he past them. The bigger snakes being the former nagas that the snake god had cursed, while the others were their offspring with the former human female captives.

These snakes were considered second class citizens, and pretty much were relegated to slave labor. Neither their fathers, not their mothers wanted anything to do with them.  The offspring were a reminder to their fathers, of the curse that was placed upon them. And their mothers were horrified that they had given birth to an entire den of snakes.

Some of the offspring were females, but the former nagas had no interest in them. The nagas only desired human females, and or nagins. The offspring, however, did mate amongst each other. They were not immortal like the nagas, and it was the only reason that there was so many of them.

Yet, as badly as they were treated, they were more than loyal to their naga masters.  In the Naga Kings eyes, the only thing lower than the offspring were human males. Agan turned out to be the only human male that had any serviceability for him.

Since he had always been the Naga King's puppet, Agan was being easily led by two former naga guards.  He went peacefully, not because he wanted to, but because the Naga King used his psychic link with him to control his mind.

This human has been very useful to me over the years. he thought. But he has served his purpose, and soon I won't need him anymore.

The Naga King looked down at his lamia goddess. She was beautiful, and soon she would belong to him forever. It was going to take time for her to get use to her new station in life, but he expected that she would eventually come to embrace her role as his queen. Just as he was expecting her to lovingly embrace him as her husband.

As they reached the top of the pyramid, he looked up at the night sky.  The blood red moon was gigantic, and shone directly over the temple. Now was the time to offer his father the twelve human hearts, while the lunar eclipse was at it's peak.

The Naga King made his way to the center

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The Naga King made his way to the center. There he stood in front of a deep pit. It was the source of his power. A green fire was constantly burning inside of it. The green fire was a gift from the snake god himself, and it's power helped to protect the naga's kingdom. But now, he would use it to grant his beloved immortality. This time she wouldn't escape him through death.

Gently he lowered Hailey to the ground, but he coiled his tail around her. It not only kept her in place, but it also helped her to relax. He knew that what was about to happen was going to be extremely upsetting for her.

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