TCHS Part 11

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But I will eventually make you love me, even if that means I have to fuck you until you do. And believe me my dear, I have no problem with that. In fact, I look forward to it.

Those words kept repeating over, and over again in her head. All she could think about was his smug expression as he was saying them to her. He had the gall to take her hand, and gently hold and caress it. The beast kept insisting that he loved her, and tried to act as a caring fiancé. But he was a hypocrite. He didn't hide the fact that he was going to rape her. Only a monster would see rape as an act of love.

Then he kept insisting she was the reincarnated spirit of a Peruvian tribal princess. It was obvious that he only had feelings for her, because she reminded him of someone else. But what if it was true?

Hailey had always been attracted to Latin men. Plus, she also had always been fascinated by ancient South American cultures. What if—no! If that were the case, then the princess would have come back for her true love. But he's not here, the heartless creature is. It didn't matter, Hailey wasn't in love with either naga monster. She was in love with Agan.

Like most of of her female classmates, and a few male classmates, she had a huge crush on Agan. The first day she walked into his class, she couldn't believe her eyes. He was even better looking than what her friends had told her. As she had looked up at him, their eyes locked. At the same time they smiled at one another. It was almost like magic. But he was her professor, it was likely that it wouldn't come to fruition.

Hailey tried to get over it, but he was constantly on her mind. She didn't even go on dates because other guys just couldn't measure up to him. She had fallen in love with him, yet any relationship with him was highly unlikely. Besides, there were a lot prettier women who wanted him just as well. Even if he hadn't been her professor, she probably still wouldn't have stood a chance.

Then, an opportunity she had been waiting for, gave her an excuse to get to know him better. He was leading an expedition to the Peruvian rainforest. To her delight, she was the only girl to sign up for it. As much as her friends also wanted Agan, it was apparently was not worth it to them. They had no desire to traipse through the mud of the hot, and sultry rainforest.

She figured that her willingness to do so would earn herself some brownie points with him. Of course she wanted to offer him even more of an incentive. So she bought a sexy red bikini, in the hopes of attracting him. When she had put it on to go swimming with him, she couldn't believe how much it really didn't leave a lot to the imagination. She wasn't even sure if she was going to be able to exit the tent. But when she finally did it, and it was worth it.

She remembered the look on Agan's face, he obviously noticed her. He seemed more than eager to want to spend time with her. As they entered the water, she was trying to think of some sort of small talk to get a conversation started. So she decided to ask him about his unusual name.

Not only did it work, but he told her about his past. She was touched that he wanted to share that with her. Not only that, but he had also told her that she had been his best student. There seemed to be a smile of appreciation on his face when he told her, but deep down Hailey had hoped it was something more. Perhaps she was also reading too much into things, but had he hinted that he wanted to bring her back here?

They were having a good time. But all of a sudden he seemed cold, and distant. She thought he was about to tell her something important. But then Eric interrupted with his loud, and obnoxious cannonball. Hailey was disappointed that their alone time had been cut short. But she was afraid if she acted disappointed, it might make her less attractive. So she continued to have fun in the water, with her classmates.

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