ItDoHCH Part 19

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Holly laid on the bed feeing terrified. His determined lustful stare, as he gripped her throat, made every hair on her body stand on end. What was he exactly going to do to her?

"Pl-please, you don't have to do this." She begged as she could feel the tears that she was beginning to shed. "I'll be good, I-I promise!"

"Yes, you will." He whispered seductively, as he began to breath heavily. "You're so pretty when you cry."

He then slowly released her throat, as he gently stroked her cheeks with his fingertips. As he continued to stare into her eyes, he began suck the tears off of his finger tips.

"Please don't hurt me." She begged.

"Shh.." he whispered. "No, no, no, I have no intention of hurting you. I just want a taste of your lips." With that he grabbed her wrists, and forced them over her head. He then smashed his lips into hers, as he did, she tried her best to to move her face away from him. But it was little to no avail.

"Stop!" She cried. "I don't want this!"

"You will want what I tell you to want!" He growled. He released her wrists, as his ravenous kisses started to make their way down her body. Horrified she cried out in terror!

"Please don't do this! Stop! Please!"

"Get off of her!" She heard Alicia cry! As Holly looked up, she saw Alicia all of a sudden standing over him with a sword. With angry determination in Alicia's eyes, she brought the blade down upon him. However, as soon as she did, the blade shattered into pieces. It had absolutely no effect on him.

Even though it didn't really hurt him, he growled in anger in his obvious annoyance. Quickly he stood up, and grabbed Alicia's wrist. As he did, Alicia cried out in pain.

"You stupid bitch!" He cried. He then screamed in anger as he threw her down on the ground. To Holly's horror, Alicia head made a loud cracking sound as it hit a rock when she fell.

"ALICIA!" Holly cried out. She then leaped off the bed, and ran to her unconscious stepmother. She got down on her knees to see if she was alright.

"Please!" She cried, as she gently placed her hands of Alicia face. "Please you have to be okay! Please mother! Please be okay!" With angry tears she stared up at Kree. He had a shocked look in his eyes, as both of his hands were covering his nose and his mouth.

"Why?" She cried. "Look what you've done to her!"

"It-it was an accident!" He replied as he still had a shocked look upon his face. "I never meant to-I just lost my temper!"

"Alicia!" Holly cried. "Mother!"

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Exclaimed Algar, as he just walked in on them. He had the Cacaelian trident firmly griped in his hand, as there was burning rage and hatred in his eyes.

"I-I'm sorry!" Cried Kree. "It was an accident. She-she attacked me. I pushed her off of me, but I misjudged my own strength. I did't think—"

"NO BROTHER!" Growled Algar. "YOU NEVER THINK!" Out of pure anger, he gripped his hand around Kree's throat as he showed him no mercy.

"Now why would she attack you Kree?" He asked. "Was it because you were hurting someone that she cares about? Someone who you were not supposed to touch without my presence? This is exactly why you weren't supposed to touch either one of them without my supervision. I warned you, brother!"

"Please!" Kree pleaded as he started gasping for air.

"You always were pathetic, and a burden to me!" Algar exclaimed. "Everything is now mine!" He the released Kree's throat, and was about to spear him with the trident. However, Kree was able to wrap one of his tentacles around Algar's wrist. This gave him the opportunity to also grab the trident. Now both brother had the ancient weapon in a tug of war.

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