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Captain Rogers & Y/N Stark  by marvellovestoriess
Captain Rogers & Y/N Stark by marvellovestoriess
A love story about Steve Grant Rogers and YN Stark. Adult romance novel. ❤️
Todoroki's Lover [SHOTO X FEM READER] 🍋🍋 by ala2321
Todoroki's Lover [SHOTO X FEM Ash 🦋
You accept an offer from a rich boy to be his personal assistant. The pay is good, but can you handle the sexual tension?? < Rich boy AU, no quirks > PS: I update...
Twisted fate  by gorgeouz_spice
Twisted fate by gorgeouz_spice
The children of Jackson and Leah Marcel, "Daddy's girl" Me and Liam were close but not as much as we used be, Pinning me to my bed he whispered "I warNe...
A Dominant Touya Todoroki by XxLemonyxX
A Dominant Touya Todorokiby XxLemonyxX
Brats get what they deserve right? Deserve a punishment if mistreated? Or are you just his personal fuck toy? Touya Todorki also know as Dabi takes out his anger on you...
Homework📚 Vinnie smut by Vinni3sCumSlutt
Homework📚 Vinnie smutby Vinni3s.bby
Vinnie is your sex Ed teacher and you start to get a bit curious how to do this so mr.Hacker guides you and shows you how it's done😏📚
The Film  by KalaRison
The Film by Kala Rison📖
[COMPLETED] Grabbing me by the throat, he spits into my mouth. Shoving 3 fingers in causing me to arch my back. ••••••• After Claire's steamy video with her ex bf gets e...
Beauty and The Beast Rated R by ScribblyInk
Beauty and The Beast Rated Rby :):
You can already tell from the name what this story has in store for you and if you feel the way I do then you know the Beast was fucking hot in the new 2017 movie but fa...
My stepbrother Axel  by iwritekinkystuffabit
My stepbrother Axel by iwritekinkystuffabit
Jasmine and her stepbrother Axel 'get to know' eachother a bit too well ;) Walking into the kitchen, i feel Axel slip past me so he could get to the cupboard, his bulge...
A Desperate Tamaki by XxLemonyxX
A Desperate Tamakiby XxLemonyxX
Tamaki wakes up desperate, craving his master. So he does everything he can to wake you up.. Includes: CNC Roleplay, Fem Dom
The Forbidden Elder Love by sammy69xo
The Forbidden Elder Loveby sammy69xo
The Story Of a young boy and his aunt having a Sexual but loving relationship Warning Explicit themes: Incest, Pre-Pubescent, Filth, BDSM, Crossdressing, Sex Toys, Wri...
Thicc Wedgie Girl by wedgiebully
Thicc Wedgie Girlby wedgiebully
just another wedgie fantasy of mine
MY TEACHER | MY OBSESSION  by beau-noir-cece
MY TEACHER | MY OBSESSION by beau-noir-cece
Camille is 18, a senior in high school. Shes the new girl. Her first day of school, she thought would be typical until it wasn't. The school she goes to isn't like anyth...
Twisted Tales by Nobodys_game
Twisted Talesby Nobody's business
Read the most twisted sexual short stories to ever meet your eyes. Dirty men, and submissive woman. Hard f**king and even harder lust... Have fun Warning : For mature a...
Washes You Clean by xxxTheKinklesxx
Washes You Cleanby xxx The Kinkles xx
Stevie has some fun in the shower
Extra Credit (A Student-Teacher Romance) by jobeck0813
Extra Credit (A Student-Teacher Author J.L Beck
All I needed was a passing grade. I never expected to sleep with my Professor for it. When Ava told me she couldn't fail my class or she would lose her student aide I m...
Loving Chris Evans by ClareWarren
Loving Chris Evansby Clarebear!
A collection of short stories about Chris Evans, from Captain America to Andy Barber. Some will be one shots, some will be longer with a few chapters. Some will be sex...