HTW Part 14

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Angela began to awaken form her deep sleep. Her vision was a little blurry. She had to adjust to her new eyes.

I feel incredible! She thought. As before she was on a spider web, but this time she wasn't stuck to it. As she slowly stood up she saw what had become of her, as she looked down, she marveled at her new body. Angela had never felt so alive.

"Look Cara!" She heard a female voice say. "She's finally awake!"

The voice was coming form above her. As she looked up, both Zoe and Cara were smiling as they were looking down at her.

"How do you feel?" Asked Zoe. Angela smiled as she thought about the questions. She had never had such a powerful feeling of euphoria.

"Unstoppable." She replied.

"We were a little disappointed that you slept so long." Said Cara. "We had just finished dinner. But I'm afraid we couldn't wait for you. We were feeling a bit—hungry!" Both Cara, and Zoe looked up towards the top of the web. Curious, Angela soon looked towards the direction they were facing. Trapped in a cocoon were the remains of a dead male drider.

"Our mates are so loyal" said Zoe. "They are so quick to please in so many ways. It's almost a shame, really. But we are now part black widows after all, and out hunger can get the best of us."

"But it is what we have become." Cara added. "It is what we do. Besides, there are always more males out there that can satisfy us. Not just driders, but humans as well. Both can help us breed. And of course once we feed after mating, our deceased lovers have ultimately become a part of us."

"And as stated earlier," Zoe chimed in. "Did they not all die the way every man dreams of? Just remember Angela, Revenge is always the tastiest mortal of all. Speaking of which, you must be famished."

"Come Angela." Cara said as she took her hand. "Your mate has left you a wedding present." As angela followed Zoe, and Cara, she was more than intrigues by what they had to show her. They soon lead her into another cavern. Just like she had been, there was a naked man entangled in a spider web. It was Scott!

"Come Cara." Said Zoe. "I'm. Sure they have much to talk about. We should leave them some privacy." With that they both let out a wicked laugh, as they left Angela and Scott alone.

A smile slowly kept upon Angela's face as she made her way over to him. As she did so, he turned his head to look at her. His eyes widened, as he seemed surprised by her new appearance.

"Angela?" He cried, as he looked a bit confused.

"What's the matter Scott?" Angela inquired. "Do you not find me beautiful?'

"Of course." He replied. "But it still took me by surprise, you look amazing."

"Thank you." She whispered. She looked at him and smiled. As she did so, he started to struggle against his restraints.

"Angela?" He began to ask. "What's going on? Why am I here?" Angela let out a maniacal laugh.

"Apparently your grandfather, my mate." She replied. "Thought you might make a nice wedding gift for me. After all, it was you that helped trapped and betray me."

Fear appeared in Scott's eyes.

"But-but why would he turn on me like that?" He asked. "I had done what he asked. I even sacrificed my own feelings for you, because of my loyalty to him and to Lolth. I did as he said."

"Then I guess like you father had." She replied. "You have served your purpose."

"But I didn't fail!" Cried Scott as he began to tremble.

"But you are no longer needed." She replied. "Don't you see. Neither you, nor your father meant anything to him. Your father was a product of a one night stand with a girl your grandfather never loved. You may be his grandson, but you are nothing more than a bastard's worthless son."

A smirk soon appeared on Angela's face.

"Now, what to do with you?" She whispered. Scott began to breath heavy, as his body began to tremble even more.

"Angela wait!" He cried. "You-you don't have to do this!"

"What Scott?" She asked in a sarcastically empathetic tone, "Are you begging for my help? The same way that I begged for your help. I was terrified, and hoping our love for one another would save the day. But I was wrong. Even though I was terrified, you didn't help me at all. Instead you told me it was for the best."

"But it was Angela!" He replied. "Look at you know! You're beautiful, your powerful. You will control all the power of the bayou. And any man you come across will worship at you feet. Despite who you used to be, you can not deny that you like yourself better this way."

"Perhaps," she replied. "It is nice to know that I could have any man I want to rule by my side."

"Then let me be that man." He said. "Keep in mind that we did fall in love with one another. And also keep in mind that it was my grandfather that raped you. He doesn't deserve you. You don't love him, you love me. Choose me as your mate, and your king. Take my seed instead, and let me bless you with the rebirth of Lolth."

"But how do I know you are actually mean it?" She ask in a seductive whisper. "For all I know you maybe feeding me a bunch of lies to save your own skin. Maybe this is some form of revenge against your grandfather for betraying you. Or maybe it's my power you actually crave, and not my love."

"No!" He proclaimed. "I promise, I don't have any ulterior motives. None of those reasons that you just suggested has anything to do with it. I swear!"

"I believe you." She replied. "Tell me Scott, do you love me?"

"More than anything." He replied as he looked upon her with adoration.

"Would you die for me?" She asked as she began to hover over him.

"I would do anything you ask of me, me love." He replied.

"Oh Scott." She cooed. "I am so happy to here that. Because I'm feeling a bit—hungry!"

Scotts eyes widened in terror, as Angela sunk her fangs into him. He then began to scream in excruciating pain as her acidic venom entered his body. Then as solid organism within in his body started to become liquified, she began to drink every last drop of her hapless victim. When she looked down at the hollowed out lump of flesh, she let out a maniacal laugh.

"Thank you." She told the lifeless corpse. "I was starving. Now I realize that a black widow usually mates with her victim before she feasts upon him. But after your ultimate betrayal of my love for you, I didn't think you deserved it. I mean the very though of you touching me, or vice versa, makes me sick to my stomach. But don't feel to bad, Scott, you were rather tasty.

She then wiped the side of her mouth with her thumb, and savored the taste of what was left of him.

"Besides, I only have one living mate. I really think I should save myself for him. It was nice of him to offer you up to me as a sacrificial wedding present. I will have to thank tonight. When he impregnates me with the soon to be reincarnated spider goddess, Lolth. See despite what your grandfather did to me, what you did was far worse. You betrayed my love, and that is one thing I can never forgive. True I did love you once, but that was another lifetime. And as Zoe put it, 'sometimes the past just dies'. But don't feel too bad Scott. You are now ultimately forever a part of me."

She then let put a maniacal laugh.

"Now then, where is my mate. It's our honeymoon night. We have a spider goddess to make."

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