ItDoHCH Part 15

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"What do you mean their father took your sister?" she asked. "Why would he do that?"

"Because, she was the only female sea dweller left." Damor explained. "Poseidon ended the existences of all sea dwellers expect those of the two royal families. He then made us all immortal, but only within our own kingdoms."

"Why?" She asked.

"To punish us." He explained. "To be immortal, and alone, is far worse than death itself. The loneliness itself is maddening."

"But why were you being punished?" She asked.

"Because our kingdoms were at war." He explained. "The Cacaelian king killed my father, the Atlantean king, because he wouldn't join forces with them to declare war against humanity. There had always been animosity between are two peoples, but we agreed on one thing, man was evil.  For centuries we just never let ourselves be known to man. But the more comfortable mankind felt about going deeper into our oceans, the more of a threat he had become."

"You think I'm evil?", she asked.

"No, of course not." He replied. "But you must admit that man has done things to our oceans that made us wary of him. My father believed there was good in all creatures, and that it what he taught me. That is one of the reasons why he didn't want to wage war, that and the destruction it would bring on everyone. But the Cacaelians King didn't like my father's answer, so he killed him."

"I'm sorry." She replied feeling sad for him.

"For what?" he asked as he furrowed his brow at her.

"That you had to go through that." She answered. "And for my kind being somewhat indirectly responsible."

"Holly, the Cacaelians were somewhat of a barbaric race."  He replied. "At least the royal family was.  If we had joined forces, they would have eventually betrayed us. They were looking for an excuse to start a war.  So they gave me a reason to retaliate, and I declared war on them.  It turned out that their plan all along was to either get us to help them conquer the surface dwellers, or to conquer us, and then attack surface. Either way the end goal was the same, entire domination of the planet."

"How did he killed your father." She asked. "What all happened?'

"When their king and his Entourage arrived, I noticed that he couldn't keep his eyes off of my sister Alliea." He explained. "Like you she was beautiful, with the same kind and caring soul.  But I could tell by the way he was looking at her, that it was uncomfortable for her. But she didn't want to cause trouble, so she said nothing to our father. Plus, she thought that maybe it was all in her head.  But I know it wasn't, I know he wanted her."

"So what happened?" asked Holly.

"The meeting was under the guise of a diplomatic negotiation." He replied. "But when he started talking about declaring war on humans, my father wanted nothing to do with it. Their king became angry, and struck my father down with the Cacaelian trident. You see Poseidon, gave both royal families their own tridents. Both were equal in power, so that neither kingdom would have the upper hand over the other.  But they used the one thing we never saw coming, the element of surprise."

"Is that when he took Alliea?" Holly questioned.

"No." Replied Damor. "As soon as he killed my father, he got back to his territory as soon as possible. The kraken, which had always been under Cacaelian control came for him. We were no match for that beast, as it took out many of our soldiers. But the coward left his own guards behind as a diversion. I was so angry, and full of hate over what had occurred. I did something I'm not proud of."

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