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What? What happened? Angela wondered. Slowly she began to wake, as her eyes began to flutter. But for some reason she couldn't move, she was stuck to something. As her eyes fully opened, she started to look at her surroundings. She began to panic. It was at that moment that she realized that she was bound to a giant spider web. Angela began to struggle against her web restraints, but it was to no avail. She then looked down at her imprisoned body.

"What the hell am I wearing?" She gasped. To her surprise, she had on an extremely revealing white silk gown.

"Doesn't she make such a pretty bride?" A familiar feminine voice stated

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"Doesn't she make such a pretty bride?" A familiar feminine voice stated. Angela looked up, as they walked towards her, but she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Cara? Zoe?" She cried in horror. "W-what happened to you?" From the waste up, except for their solid red eyes, they looked exactly the same. However, from the waste down, they had the bodies of of black widow spiders.

"Don't be afraid Angela." Said Zoe. "He's your mate, he just wants to love you."

"Just as our mates loved us." Cara continued. "And just like us, he will make you perfect."

"No, please!" Cried Angela. "You're my friends, I love you both, let me go" Angela continued to cry as she kept trying to wriggle out of the trap."

"It's okay, Angela", said Cara. "We were scared at first to, but once you become like us, everything will become much clearer. It was our destiny, it's your destiny."

"No!" Angela cried again as she kept trying to remove herself from her bonds.

"Don't be sad Angela." Said Zoe. "You're about to marry the love of your life. That's what you've been searching for, isn't it."

"No!" Cried Angela. "Not this!"

"But you look so pretty." Said Cara as she tucked a strand of Angela's hair behind her ear. "I love what Zoe has done to your hair. It suits you perfectly. You make such a beautiful bride. This is the the day every young girl fantasizes about."

Zoe then looked at Angela and smiled.

"And just as we always said." Zoe added. "We're going to be your bridesmaids."

All of a sudden there was a slight moaning noise coming from up above. Angela looked up, and became terrified by what she saw.

"Bobby!" She cried. "What have to done to him?" He had obviously been weakened as his entire body was bond in a tight cocoon. Zoe, and Cara simultaneity began to laugh maniacally.

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