ItDoHCH Part 21

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Damor headed straight for the undersea entrance to the underworld. If he had gone with his first instinct, and followed Holly and Algar immediately, then Alicia would have likely died from her injuries. He could tell that she needed his help, and he knew it would have destroyed Holly if he didn't try to save her. He also, in good conscience, couldn't just let her die.

It was strange. When he first went to rescue Holly, when the Cacaelians attacked the ship, he could have cared less whether or not the other humans died. But something had changed, Holly had changed him. She had changed him for the better.

There was more to life than just taking what you thought you deserved, there was giving those you loved the things they deserved as well. Holly and Alicia were more than just to be used as mates for breeding. No human , mermaid, or octomaid should have ever been treated like that. Too bad that he was the only undersea dweller to have learned that lesson.

He hated the thought of whatever Algar had in mind for his beloved. How long did he plan on keeping her down there? What if she ate the food? Even the goddess Persephone wasn't allowed to leave the underworld, after Hades fed her. Surely Algar knew that that eating the food of the underworld, even if you are alive, means you can never leave. Whether or not not his nephew was aware, he had to find her before a disaster like that might happen.

DAMOR! He heard Holly' terrified voice call out inside his mind. As he came upon the entrance, the Kraken had Holly and Algar in it's grasp. Algar's eyes widened with a look of anger upon his face.

You're too late uncle. Algar proclaimed. The girl is mine!

Let her go! Damor demanded. She doesn't want to be with you!

Well that's too bad for her! Replied Algar. I suppose she wants to be with you, I suppose she loves you. Well she'll just have to learn to love me. Because I have no one else! Kree killed Alicia, and I killed Kree. I will not be alone. You will not take my mate form me!

First of all Algar. Damor began to explain. You are not alone, have you forgotten we are family? We are blood, and we are the only two sea dwellers left. Isn't it time to finally forget about this feud that has always existed between our people. Think Algar, we're all that's left, just you and me! We are our people! You don't have to enter Tartarus. If we combined our powers, we can heal you as long as we get you back to Cacaelians territory!

And what's your second point? Algar asked. As if I really care.

Alicia is alive! Said Damor. Algar then looked at him with a furrowed brow.

I don't believe you! He replied. Damor then looked at Holly, who had been crying the whole time. But she now had some look of hope upon her face.

Holly! Damor exclaimed. Alicia is alive! Algar had a surprised look upon his face, Damor knew that he understood that mermen were incapable of lying to their mates.

Tell me, uncle-Algar began. No, tell Holly! After you save me, will you share the kittens with me?

No, Holly! Damor replied. First of all Alicia was injured quite extensively. The only reason she is alive, is because I put her in stasis. Since she would not be immortal in either territory, even as immense as our powers joined together would be, it would not be enough to save her. She can only be saved by land dwellers. They would have the knowledge about treating a head injury, that we just do not. But as long as I keep her body in stasis , she will likely recover with whatever medical treatment she would receive from human doctors. I will return her to her people, and make sure that her body is in stasis until she gets whatever treatment that is needed.

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