TCHS Part 4

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Hailey looked at her predator in wide eyed terror. She feared the hunger filled gaze within his yellow serpent eyes. She was terrified of him, but at the same time it wasn't hard to miss what a handsome creature he really was. Although the lower snake half was foreign to her, his upper human half was that of a man of great beauty.

Before she even realized what was about to happen, he bent down and smashed his mouth into hers. The venom was still paralyzing her,making it difficult for her to fight. With great ease, he worked his long forked tongue between her quivering lips. She let out a slight wimpier, as her captor began moaning in pleasure.

At that moment, he released her from his passionate kiss. As he slowly lifted his head,she could see his eyes has been shut. While facing her direction he slowly opened his eyes, and smiled at her. Gently he ran his finger around her lips.

"Mmm," he said. "If those pretty pulsating lips taste that good, how do your other lips taste? Let's open your Pandora's box, and let me drink from the succulent pure ambrosia nectar of your most forbidden fruit."

He came off as pretentious. Normally she would have found his words, and his execution of them as amusing. However, knowing what he was about to take, there was absolutely nothing funny about the situation.

With a devilish smile, the lustful naga made his way down to her nether region. He took great care in spreading her legs open, and exposing the most sacred part of her entire body. Arousal enveloped him, as his body began to experience a pleasurable burning heat below his abdomen. The naga then slowing ran his finger around her opening slit.  Hot wet moisture began to seep onto his finger.  With great delight he smiled, as he brought his finger up to his lips and tasted her sweet nectar.

"Mmm," he moaned softly. "So soft, and yet so delicious just like your other lips.  Tell my dear, are they just as kissable as well?"

She said nothing as she closed her eyes in disgust. Tears began to run down the outer corners of her eyes.  He then reached out, and wiped away a few of her tears.

"Please don't hurt me." She whispered.  The naga couldn't help but feel some sympathy, as he tried to give her a caring reassuring smile.

"Don't cry, my love." He whispered. "I promise I won't hurt you. If anything I'm going to make you feel better. Your body is about to receive pleasure that your mind can't yet even comprehend."

She looked so helpless, so vulnerable.  It brought out her innocent beauty, while increasing his sexual desire for her.  With great force, and hunger he pushed her thighs apart. With delight he stared at her now throbbing opening slit. It was calling to him. He then brought his face close to her entrance as he began to sniff her raw sexual aroma.

"My god you smell good!", he whispered aloud.  "I can smell the heat coming right off of you. Soon you will be ripe for bearing my many children, our many daughters.  I can't wait any longer my love, I have to have a taste of you."

With that he began to devour her opening, as he forced his tongue in between her pulsating hot lips. As he did so, he reached up and grabbed her breasts. Gently, yet at the same time aggressively, he began fondly them while he continued his oral assault on her womanhood.

He could feel her body beginning to tremble, but not from fear. Her body was trembling from the build up of pleasure that he was giving her. She began to whimper, than moan.  Her body was betraying her, just as he knew it would.

"That's it my pretty human lamia!", he groaned, "Let your body release into my mouth the sweet ambrosia that I thirst for—that I hunger for!  Fill my mouth with your succulent juices.  Give it all to me!"

Hailey's body stiffened, as her back arched uncontrollably. Even if his venom hadn't paralyzed, she could not have stopped what was happening. With one pleasurable orgasmic scream, she gave him what he craved so much. As she released her essence upon his eagerly awaiting tongue, he gladly licked her clean.  He sat up, looked at her, and smiled.  With a great look of satisfaction, he licked his lips.  He then gave her a slight smirk, as he let out a wicked chuckle.

"You taste incredible, my love," he told her. "I will look forward to enjoying you for many years to come.  I will be a gentleman, and wait until you are officially made my queen before I claim your virginity as mine.  Tomorrow night is the blood moon, or a lunar eclipse of a full moon—as you know it. That's when our joining ceremony will be.  Then afterwards, what human's refer to as a honeymoon night, I shall fill you with my seed."

Still unable to move, she continued to stare at him in horror, and disbelief.

"Soon you will be more than just my queen," he told her. "Soon you will be the new mother of the superior race, the new Eve.  Our daughters will mate with my snake soldiers, and soon I will no longer be the last naga.  My kind will be brought back from extinction. We will have an army of powerful nagas that will take over the world.  Mankind will be enslaved, and eventually bred with—until eventually you will be the only pure human left in the world. But don't worry, you will still be my queen and rule by my side. Everyone with bow to you, as they do to me. You will receive the same respect and adoration as I do.  And those who do not understand this, will not live very long to regret it."

"P-please, N-no", she cried, as tears kept escaping form her eyes. 

He then brought his index finger to her lips.

"Shh." He whispered, as he then began to run the back of his fingers down her cheeks. "It's going to be okay, I promise.  Soon my gods will grant you immortality, and you will be mine for all eternity. Your beauty shall never fade. Once I offer the snake gods the gifts they desire."

A look of fear on appeared on her face.

"W-what, what gifts?", she asked with great hesitation in her voice.

"Nothing to worry that pretty little head of your about.", he told her, knowing how upset she would be with the truth. He then bent down, and whispered in her ear.

"I need you to go to sleep my dear."

With his venom still in her bloodstream, she was in his complete control.  His words were soothing, and relaxing. without being able to stop it, she soon slipped into unconsciousness.  Once again she was his sleeping beauty. He smiled at her as he gently wrapped her body up in the blanket from her cot. He then scooped her up, and held her to him. While looking down at her, he place a passionate kiss upon her unresponsive lips.

"Beautiful!", he whispered, "You will find out after the ceremony, about what the true fate shall be for your friends. True, they brought this upon themselves for coming here, and contaminating my kingdom with their human filth. This land is sacred, and only you will be allowed to live.  However, I have a feeling that you will not agree with me on what should be done with them.  You may even hate me for a while, but you will have eternity to forgive me.  I suppose the most fortunate thing about you being human, is my ease to control you. I will be able to keep you in line without ever harming a hair on you pretty little head."

The naga king then began to leave with her, as he slithered out of her tent.

"Besides," he began, "I need their hearts as a sacrificial offering. Offering these gifts to the snake god is the only way to ensure that he'll bless you with immortality. You'd probably think of me as a beast for this, but I look forward to ripping their beating hearts right out of them as their still alive."

He then let out a malicious chuckle.

"The look of terror on their faces, as they watch their still beating hearts just before they die. I especially look forward to killing the one you secretly desire, the one who secretly desires you—the one you call, Agan. On the one hand, I should be grateful that he brought you to me.  On the other, this is where he'd from—he should have know better to to bring humans here. Plus, I want him dead—just because of the way you feel about each other.  Don't worry my pretty human lamia.  I'll soon help you forget about him.  Now then, it's time for us to go. I'm bringing you back with my to my home, your new home.  After all a man's home is his castle, and every castle deserves a queen."

With that,he left with his prized possession into the mysterious Amazonian night.

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