TCHS Part 3

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After killing that wretched human filth with his bare hands, the Naga King made his was to the humans' campsite. He just had to see her up close. As he slithered around the tents, he did his best to find her scent. But all he could smell was the rotten stitch of a hairless male apes.

How will I find her in this wave of putrid odors? He wondered. Finally he had caught a whiff of of the most intoxicating fragrance. It was coming for the very last tent in the camp. It had to be her. It was a cross between the sweetest of floral scents, and the innocence of a ripe virgin right for the taking.

As he quietly entered the tent of his precious sleeping beauty, he was taken aback by how beautiful she really was. An exquisite human lamia lay before him. He had to touch her, he had to make sure she wasn't to good to be true. The naga had to feel her for himself.

As he gently brushed her cheek with the back of his hand, he marveled at how soft her skin really was.

"So soft, so delicate," he whispered. As he continued to gently stroke her porcelain skin, she let out a pleasant sight. It pleased him that she seemed to be enjoying his touch. The naga then proceeded to run his clawed fingers through her silky brown hair. In awe by how soft her skin actually felt, and by the vision of the enchantress before him, he couldn't help but whisper aloud.


At that moment, Hailey had woken up from her deep slumber. Shocked by what she saw, she had no idea what kind of creature stood before her. Her eyes widened in terror. She was about to scream in fear, but he covered her mouth. He then gently wrapped his coiled tail around her. The vibrations that his tail was giving off, soon seemed to relaxed her. The naga brought his index finger to his lips.

"Shhh," he whispered.

"Wh-what are you?", she cried.

"I am the Naga King," he told her. "But more importantly, I am your lover, your mate, and the future father of our many children."

"Wh-What are you talking about?", she asked. "I don't understand!" He just looked at her and smiled.

"Congratulations, human," he told her. "You are my chosen queen, and my chosen bride. I can assure you, that this quite the honor that I am bestowing upon you."

"I-I'm flattered," she replied. "But I'm afraid that I will have to decline." With that he let out a sinister chuckle.

"I'm afraid you don't understand my dear," he said. "I'm not asking." Hailey began to tremble in fear.

"Pl-please!", she cried. "I don't even know you. I can't, I won't."

"My dear," he replied. 'You have entered my sacred forest. That means you belong to me, and you are mine to do with as I please. And what would please me is to make you my queen. If you must be a slave queen, that is your choice. But you will be my queen. As your king, I will gladly lay the world at your feet. If your feet are to be metaphorically bound together, as I'm doing so, then so be it. However, I think overtime, you will learn to appreciate me for all that I will give you. Such as my love, my loyalty, and sexual pleasures that no mere human male could ever grant you."

"What!", she exclaimed. "Please no, I've never—"

'I know what you are my dear," he replied. "I can smell it. But don't worry, you won't be a virgin for long. I promise you Hailey, you will enjoy letting me take your innocence from you. Besides, I've already acted as a loving mate and protector. That Neanderthal, the one who dared to place his filthy hands on what is mine, he has been permanently dealt with."

Chills ran up, and down her spine. As angry as she was at John, she didn't want him physically hurt.

"Wh-what do you mean?", she asked. Tears began to well up in her eyes. Hailey began to tremble, knowing that this answer would not be good.

"Let's just say that he'll never bother you, nor anyone else ever again.", he told her. Hailey had a look of shear terror, and disbelief in her eyes. She started to cry as she began to shake her head in disbelief.

"No!", she cried. "How could you? Why?"

"Because," replied the naga. "He disrespected, and touched what was mine."

"But I'm not yours!", exclaimed Hailey. "You can't just tell me that I am, or take what you want."

"Hmmm," he responded. "You are extremely strong willed. Your strength, and your compassion are only met by your own physical beauty. Those three attributes are some of the many that made me fall in love with you. Some man practically sexually assaulted you, he became violent when you rejected his advances, and then he was highly disrespectful towards you. Yet you're upset that I killed him, even when I did it in your honor. You are a rare creature in deed. I will happily become your most enamored servant. But at the same time I am your king, and your master. Perhaps I will just have to show you what I can, and will take."

He smiled at her with lustful desire in his eyes. Hailey watched in horror as his fangs descended from his upper jaw. She let out a fearful gasp, as his he used his tail to pull her closer to him. Like a vampire, he bore his fangs into her neck. She screamed in pain, as she could feel his toxic venom enter her body.

"Wh-what are you doing to me?", she cried in terror.

"Don't worry my dear," he whispered.  "I am only releasing a small amount of venom into you body. It will just temporarily paralyze you for a short time. Believe me my dear, I would never harm you, nor any part of that beautiful body of yours.  I just want you to relax for me. You won't be able to fight me, but you will enjoy the pleasure that I am about to give you."

"No, please!", she cried. "Don't!"

"Shh," he whispered in a reassuring tone, "Just relax. I promise, I will make you feel things you've never dreamed were possible." 

Since they were in the hot and humid rainforest, the only thing she wore to sleep in was a cropped tank top, and a pair of underwear.  As he still held her in his coiled tail, he looked at her while smiling with desire in his eyes.  She could not move, and could barely speak. But tears began to escape her eyes.  His tail began to release her a bit, as he scooped her up in his arms.

With that, he gently laid her back down on her cot.  The top, more human looking half of his body, loomed over her. As the wicked lustful smile remained on his face, he gently removed her top.  A look hunger flashed in his eyes as her full breasts were now completely on display, just for him. Gently he ran his claws over the bare flesh of her soft, delicate bosom.  His delicate touch caused her body to betray her, as she began echoing sighing sounds of pleasure.

"My beautiful lamia," he whispered.  With that, he bent down and began laying open mouthed kisses on her left breast. At the same time he continued to he continued to fondle the one on the right. While one of her breasts was receiving oral pleasure, from the nipple being sucked and teased by his forked tongue.  The other was being gently caressed by his clawed fingers.

"Your breasts are so soft, my love," he whispered.  "And your raw naked flesh tastes just as luscious as it feels.  Where else might you taste this delightful?"

Hailey looked at him in fear, as she saw the lustful smile upon his face. She felt life a helpless rodent about to be devoured by her serpent predator.  More that anything she wanted to protest, but the venom that he had inserted in her kept her from fighting him.  Hailey knew what he was about to do, and there wasn't damn thing she could do about it.

He then began to gently remove her underwear, as he slowing pulled them down her bare legs. While staring into her eyes, he brought them up to his nose. She felt absolutely disgusted as he closed he eyes, and he inhaled the sexual fragrance from her panties.  He looked at her, and gave her a triumphantly wicked smile as he threw her panties over his shoulder.

"Delicious!", he stated in a lustful whisper, "The pure raw aroma of your forbidden delights makes me hunger for more, let's see if you taste just as delectable.  Don't worry, my queen.  You're going to love my serpent's tongue!"


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