HTW Part 2

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The group of six headed out on the little over two, and a half hour journey from New Orleans to the Bayou of Lafayette. Angela's head was recovering, but she still felt a little groggy. Although she was not the type of person who could easily fall asleep in the car, she went ahead and leaned her head against the car door window. She could hear the humming sound of the tires as they continually rotated across the highway.

"Penny for your thoughts.", said Scott.

"Hmm.." she responded as she had been taken aback by his talking to her out of rather blue.

"Are you alright?' He asked. "You seem a bit out of it."

"I'm fine," she replied. "My head's still getting over last night, I guess."

"Well, you could have stayed back at the hotel." He told her. "No one would have thought less of you if you had."

"No way!" Shouted Cara. "I wasn't allowed to just stay back at the hotel."

"Oh get over yourself!", Alan barked at Cara. "Believe it or not, the world doesn't revolve around you!"

"Well you know what you can go do to yourself!", she bit back at him.

"Please don't shout." Cried Angela. "My head already hurts as much as it is. I don't need anymore of this bickering. I didn't want to stay back at the hotel anyway. I think maybe just being out, in the fresh air might do me some good anyway."

At that point everyone had remained quite. Angela looked over at Cara, and Alan. They were obviously both mad at one another. It was times like this that Angela was actually glad that she didn't have a boyfriend. All of a sudden, a smirk appeared on Alan's face.

"Hey?" He began to ask. "Has anyone else heard about the infamous Spider Cult, that once controlled most of the Louisiana Bayou?"

"Oh do tell.", Cara spat in in a sarcastic tone.

"There was once a powerful voodoo priestess who watched over the bayou," Alan began. "Although she had special powers, she never used them for personal gain. She believed in respecting nature, and her fellow man. And she only used her powers if she felt they were deemed necessary. She defended the Bayou on more than one occasion, but she never took a life. Unfortunately her son, who had also inherited her ancestor's powers. Had other ideas. He began to worship the Drow goddess, Lolth, AKA the spider queen."

"Can she do everything a spider can?", Bobby quipped. Everyone began to laugh.

"Come on guys, I'm serious." Alan replied. "Anyway the priestess's son had developed many male followers, and gained even more power. It was believed that he had become even more powerful that his own mother. Then, soon afterwards, a lot of young women started disappearing. It was later discovered that they had been abducted, and forced to become part of the cult's harem. Not only that, but they had all been brainwashed into loving their captors. Yet apparently the cult's leader never found a bride of his own."

"How do you know that all of this happened?", asked Scott.

"Because." Alan began. "They eventually found all of the missing girls. But they were naked and crying hysterically for an entire colony of dead tarantulas. Most of the missing women ended up in mental hospitals, screaming, crying, and claiming that their tarantula mates had been murdered. Half the men, who had joined the cult were found dead. They had been scarified to Lolth. The other were missing without a trace, but the rescued girls claimed that they were the dead tarantulas."

"That sounds crazy." Said Zoe. "How were they defeated, what happened to the priestess's son?"

"Well it took all of her own powers to defeat him, until all of her powers were gone." Alan replied. "It basically came down to the light spirits of the bayou, battling the dark ones. Her son just disappeared, and no one knows what has become of him. But they say he's still alive, and still plotting his revenge. Since his mother no longer has any powers, it is believed that she would be his first victim. But most believe he thrusts for the desire of a queen to love. He desires all of the powers that Lolth had promised him, but what is the use if he is to be forever alone."

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