Be Careful of What You Wish

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Hope sat in the back of the limo on the way to the church for the memorial service. As she leaned her face against the cold car window, she could see that is was slightly fogging up as her warm breath made contact with the glass. She looked out at the cold, rainy day that just seemed to add the perfect atmosphere to the already somber day. Yet her feelings of sadness had nothing to do the fact that she missed them, it was the fact that she never really knew them.

Most of Hope Chamberlain's eighteen years had been that of a life of privilege. Growing up in Connecticut, she attended the finest private school. Yet she was hardly a blue blood born into upper crust society. Her father was once a plumber, and her mother had at one time worked as a cocktail waitress. For the first two years of Hope's life, the family had apparently struggled paycheck to paycheck.

Then one day, out of a rare twist of fate, her father had won the lottery. He not only won the lottery, but had become the biggest single lottery winner in the world. After winning five hundred million dollars, this blue collar working class family became multimillionaires overnight. Not only did the money change their lives, but their new found fame had as well.

Hope's parents had always thought of her as a burden, long before they had become blessed with good fortune. She knew that she was the reason they had to get married in the first place, they even told her that. Both of them were pro-life, so an abortion was out of the question. So deep down she knew that was the only reason she was born.

Once her parents had received their new found wealth, they had as little to do with her as possible. She spent most of her life at boarding schools, and privileged summer camps. The only time she was ever home was for two weeks at Christmas break, and at even then she hardly saw her parents at all.

They were usually too busy celebrating the social festivities without her. She remembered Christmas being a lonely time surrounded by expensive presents, that most kids dreamed about, but not her. To her all the Christmas gifts she would receive were just cold inanimate things. She would have gladly traded them all in just to feel her parent's love. But now it was too late, they were gone, and this time she knew they were never coming back.

It was early Spring, as Hope had been away at school. She had been studying hard, for an important teat in European History. After all it was her Senior year, her future was a head of her. While she was studying, all of a sudden, there was a knock on her door. It was the house mother, who came to tell her that she had some bad news.

Her parents had gone to Bora Bora for second honeymoon. They had flown from New York to LA, and rented a private jet to take them to the island. However there was a terrible thunderstorm that seemed to come out of nowhere. The plane had gone missing only an hour after take off, and a search and rescue was under way. Hope had felt numb at that point.

On the one hand, nothing was official yet, so the possibility of them being gone didn't feel real to her. Yet she of course was terrified.  She had always hoped that she would at least one day her parents would realize how important she really was to them. But if they didn't survive the plane crash, then that dream would never come to fruition.

An hour later a car was sent for which brought her home. It was the first time she remembered ever being home, when it was not the Christmas holiday. But as usual the large house seemed cold, and empty, as always there was never anyone waiting for her. As she had gone to bed that night, she had trouble sleeping.

Dear God! She prayed. Please let them be alright!  Please, let me have at least one time in my life, where we can feel like a loving family. Please God! Please give out family a second chance!

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