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Mafia and girl by user078076626702
Mafia and girlby Madhumitha
"Leave me. I want to go home" said Madhu with lot of fear in her eyes while watching a man coming near her. "I said you can't go anywhere.You are mine&quo...
  • forcedlove
  • wife
  • husband
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She Married My Father  by quraat786
She Married My Father by Qurat
I never knew, the girl whom I loved for 2 years, will one day, become my stepmom. All my love has turned into hatred and I'll punish her for what she did. © All rights...
  • revenge
  • different
  • passion
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You Are Mine (ManxBoy) by killmesoftly16
You Are Mine (ManxBoy)by Alannah
Tyler: One of the very few in the world born from a vampire and a human. The doctor's called him a miracle; however, he sees his life - all life - as a curse. Left at a...
  • forcedrelationship
  • love
  • hybrid
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Psycho Senior (BxB) by lucas1996-
Psycho Senior (BxB)by Lucas1996
In southern California Luke grew up with no one caring about him. His mom was a housewife busy with friends all the time and his dad was always in New York City. Luke th...
  • psycho
  • depression
  • psycho-thriller
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He Wants Me by JBunnyWrites
He Wants Meby JBunnyB
Elliott is an arrogant billionaire who's used to women falling at his knees for his attention. But he's come to learn that flashing a couple of hundreds and a daring smi...
  • aggressively
  • love
  • featured
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We Met On The Tube//Larry Stylison by idek_larryaf
We Met On The Tube//Larry Stylisonby lou&harry
Who knew you could meet your soulmate on the tube? *not edited so a lot of mistakes and also written a long time ago so beware*
  • tube
  • panties
  • harrystyles
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Forced Love by StumpieLumpie
Forced Loveby Stumpie
"You are free at any time to leave the house - to leave me - the divorce would be great." His hand shot forward, clutching her neck, pulling her close. "I...
  • forcedmarriage
  • forced
  • cruel
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Dark Romance by lathatae
Dark Romanceby leetae
Suddenly he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall harshly. I got scared by his behavior.... Be strong Jennie " please, I don't know you mister.." I cri...
  • darkromance
  • hate
  • romance
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Content by miki99691091
Contentby miki99691091
"Good because I will only ever be the only man that will get to touch you," he pulled her dangerously close to his body his hands resting on her hips "kis...
  • love
  • action
  • mobster
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A Girl for A Girl  by chewwykoo
A Girl for A Girl by Cheenachew
I ran as fast as I could , not looking back , only keeping one thing in mind to get as far as possible from the main road where those lunatics hunted the girls only ...i...
  • action
  • handsome
  • girls
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my luna ~UnEdited~ by giftTaylor
my luna ~UnEdited~by mbanugo gift
when ur inner wolf awakes there is no way of going back to your normal life Gift is a wolf and she was destined to face great challenge and love and lost well she recant...
  • vampireromance
  • time
  • supernatural
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Queen by SerenaxSELENA
Queenby s e r e n e
**DRAFT** "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" The room was uncomfortably quiet. The father stared deep into his daughter's eyes. "Do you understand?" he repeated...
  • historical
  • queen
  • arrangedmarriage
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The Heart Doesn't Want What the Heart Doesn't Want by LigerCat
The Heart Doesn't Want What the Michelle
Fate is unavoidable. It's destiny. Most people don't mind, they rejoice when it comes for them. They look forward to the day they'll meet the person Fate has chosen for...
  • findingyourself
  • platonicsoulmates
  • drama
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Hold on by FaithOfKatherine
Hold onby NoName
"You deserve to be fought for." ¥••¥••¥••¥ "You have isolated yourself from feeling anything that comes near love," he spat at me, "I'm not surp...
  • hate
  • forcedmarriage
  • love
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Cold Love  by IfeoluwaAkinmola
Cold Love by Cocoa Loco
My name is Rachel Johnson 24 years old I am rich and my parents are very wealthy after I found out that my parents company went bankrupt and owed money to a very powerfu...
  • gay
  • wicked
  • virgin
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So I become the Mother of Male Lead  by LiondeLeo
So I become the Mother of Male Leonardo Leo
transmigrate >> pass into a Different body after its death Information: this story is mine, and a little bit of Chinese. Bare with me, This is my first time writin...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • forcedrelationship
  • mother
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Shattered by Alzavola_Breeza
Shatteredby Kayle
Shattered... Have you ever felt so shattered, that you couldn't leave bed? So heartbroken, you couldn't speak? So depressed, you just wanted to end it? Trust me, I under...
  • domesticviolence
  • mental
  • abuse
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The Nestling Hunter   by francisarmentrout
The Nestling Hunter by Francis Danelle Armentrout
Dean is a Supernatural Hunter who was abused and raped by his father just because he reminded John of his mother Mary.Now Dean is all grown up and is one of the best hun...
  • infantilism
  • sam
  • childabuse
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Tied To Your Heart by GoddessoflovePai
Tied To Your Heartby GoddessoflovePai
Marrying her was his father's last wish. A dutiful son, Amitav would do anything to see his father smile during his final moments. Even if it meant marrying a girl he n...
  • romance
  • husbandandwife
  • marriage-of-convenience
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In Your Bad Dreams by rangranee
In Your Bad Dreamsby ranee
"You can't keep me here in this abandoned house " she seethed when he gripped her hair in his fist and squeezed her neck with his other hand. "I can keep...
  • indian
  • lips
  • romance
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