TCHS Finale

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Agan gently laid Hailey down on the cot. Her body was filled with panic, as she began to shiver in fear. The beast had finally captured his helpless prey. As she looked into his eyes, she saw nothing but a burning desire. A look of insatiable appetite of unfulfilled hunger was staring back at her through yellow serpent eyes.

She felt pure terror at the thought of what he was trying to do to her. They were in the very tent where his brother had taken advantage of her. Each time she had feelings of both fear, and anger. Neither one of them had any right to do this to her. But there was one thing that made her feel even more fear, and anger. As much as she hated both of them, she couldn't help but feel aroused.

Why? She thought. Why must they have this effect on me? My mind wants nothing to do with this demon. Yet my body craves him, just as it craved his brother. I'm a horrible person. I deserve what I get.

She couldn't help but feel guilty. A creature with the heart of monster was trying to seduce her, by molesting her against her will. But she wanted him to. She wouldn't admit it to him, because she hated to admit it to herself. Feeling all kinds of confusing emotions, she began to cry.

As soon as she began to cry, Agan had stopped what he was doing, and looked at her. there was a cross between compassion and sorrow in his eyes. He then wrapped all four arms around her. With that, he began to gently rock her.

"Shh..." he whispered. "Don't cry, please don't cry. I promise I will never hurt you. I shall only love, and protect you."

Hailey couldn't help but feel safe within his arms. As she closed her eyes, she let him continue to gently rock her. Hailey felt as though no harm could come to her, if she remained in his loving arms. His gentle rocking, and soothing whispers made her feel loved.

With her eyes closed, as she just listened to the sound of his voice, she could picture her Agan. She pictured the man, the human man, that she used to dream about all most every night. But that man was dead, and she knew that she was actually in the arms megalomaniac, and a monster.

She opened her eyes, and stared straight into to his. She saw nothing but love in them, love for her. Agan smiled a her, as he gently began caressing her cheek. Suddenly their eyes were locked, as if they were under one another's deep spell. Agan's lips smashed into hers, but she had no desire to fight him.

Soon she felt his forked tongue work it's way in between her quivering lips. But she wasn't repulsed by it, instead she wanted more. Agan soon broke he kiss, as he slowly pilled away. As she opened her eyes, she saw a tearful look of joy upon his face. Once again he caressed her cheek.

"I love you, Hailey." He whispered. She didn't say anything. But she didn't fight him either. Once again he lowered her down to the cot. While his upper arms pinned he arms over her head, he began orally pleasuring her breast with his lips and his tongue.

"Your breasts feel just as soft brushed up next to my lips." He whispered. "I could easily suck on the all night. Mmm...they even taste delectable."

The only sound that came form her was a pleasurable sigh. Why was she enjoying this? She should have been screaming for him to stop, not moaning for more. Agan let out a small chuckle.

"I knew I could make you feel good." He cooed, "Even when I thought I was human, I always knew I could make you feel so good Hailey. This is all I ever wanted. When we were in class together, did you used to fantasize about me touching you this way?"

Agan took his lower arms, and spread her legs apart. He then slowly ran his index finger over her opening slight. The only barrier to the most sacred part of her body, was the thin cotton fabric of her underwear.

"Yes," she said with a pleasurable sigh. Did she just say that? What was she thinking. No! She shouldn't want to encourage him, at least her mind felt that way. However her body was hungering for more. Agan laughed as he began to slowly remove her underwear.

"Such a pretty little pussy," he whispered. He then placed his face between her thighs, and he began to sniff her forbidden fruit.

"Mmm...", he said in a low voice, "Your sweet pussy smells delicious. I bet it taste even better. Your throbbing, wet red, lips are begging to be kissed."

"Agan!", she whispered aloud.

"What is it my love?", he whispered back to her. "Do you wish me to stop. Command me to stop, my queen, and I shall."

PLEASE TELL HIM TO STOP! She kept screaming in her head. PLEASE! TELL HIM TO STOP!

"No.", she moaned. "I want more." He looked at her, and flashed a triumphant smile.

"As you wish, my lady." He replied. With hunger, he began to lick her opening with his tongue. The more he licked, the more his tongue started to make it's way inside.

"Fuck!", he cried. "You taste so damn good, Hailey!" Words that she would normally find repulsive, were now only making her body crave him even more. The more he licked and teased the forbidden fruit of her Pandora's box, the more she began to writhe and moan in pleasure. Then, all of a sudden, her body couldn't handle it anymore. Hailey's back uncontrollably arched, as burning orgasmic pleasure surged throughout  her body. With one loud scream of ecstasy, she released her virgin nectar straight into his mouth.

Agan shot up, as he triumphantly wiped her succulent juice from his face. He then smiled, as he licked it off his now moistened fingers.

"My god Hailey!" He cried. "You tasted amazing. You don't now how long I've dreamed about tasting your sweet, wet essence, I will enjoy licking you clean." And as she laid there, still numb form the experience, he did just that.

Now she didn't know who she hated more. Him, for his relentless attack on her own sexual hunger. Or her, because she want him to continue.

Agan finished licking her clean. Soon he hovered over her, and gave her a wicked smile. All of a sudden his manhood emerged from an opening in his tail. He then grabbed a hold of his member, as began to aggressively rub it against her opening. As he did so, she could feel the moisture that was developing as he kept rubbing it against her.

"As I said before, my Lamia Queen," he began. "I am both your humble servant, and your most devoted master. Command of me what you wish, and I will obey your utmost desire."

As she looked into his eyes, he still had a satisfied look upon his face. As if he was letting her know that he had finally broken down her resolve. He was letting her know that he had won.

"What do you ask of me, my Lamia Queen?" He inquired.  More that anything she wanted to tell him to go to hell. That she would never love a monster as evil, or a s twisted as him. More than anything, she wanted to tell him how much she truly hated him. But instead, it was these words that came screaming out of her mouth.


Because of her own uncontrollable love and desire for him, she had doomed us all!



I hope you enjoyed this first story in this compilation book. For those of you who wanted her to end up with Agan, and those of you who wanted to end up with the villain, congratulations—you both got your wish. The next update will be author's notes on this story. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer. I will also reveal the next fae/yandere hottie for the next story in this compilation.

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