ItDoHCH Part 22

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Damor and Holly returned to the cave where both Algar, and Kree, had previously resided.

"Alicia!" Cried Holly as she made her way over to her stepmother. "Alicia please wake up!"

"She can't." Damor informed her. "Her body is in a complete stasis. She's alive, but I had to drastically slow down her mental function. It was the only was I could use my power to stop the bleeding in her brain. If I were to release her from her stasis, she wold likely die."

"You said you would get her back to the surface." Said Holly. "You said she could get the help she needs."

"My nephews have destroyed thousands of ships over the years." Damor told her. "They have collected many trophies, including what you would call life boats. I could send her a drift, as soon as I spot a ship that we know would rescue her. I would not do so unless it was a ship that you yourself approve of, and I'll make sure that she will be well protected until she is rescued. I promise that I won't let anything happen to her."

"But what if she dies after she is rescued." Asked Holly. Damor gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

"The stasis that I have put her in, will keep her alive until she gets the medical treatment that is needed." He told her. "Once your human doctors start treating her, it'll depend on just how skillful they are.  That is what will determine whether or not she will survive. I have already erased her memory of what has happened to her. All she will remember, is that the boat she was on was in a terrible accident. She will not remember how or why. But she also won't remember me, or my nephews."

"Then she won't remember what they did to her?' Holly asked.

"No." He replied. "But now you have a choice to make. I've realized after everything that has transpired, that keeping you here forcefully would be wrong of me. You are going to have to make a choice. If you choose to stay with me, Alicia will not remember that you are alive. She will assume that you were killed along with everyone else. But I understand why you would believe that she needs you to take care of her, and to watch over her. It also may be easier for her to know that you had at least survived along with her."

"But I won't be allowed to return to you, will I?"Cried Holly. "You're going to erase my memory too, aren't you?"

Damor looked at her with complete sorrow in his eyes.

"Holly, I—!" Damor began to say.

"No!" Cried Holly. "That's not fair! Why do you have to make me choose? How can you be so unfeeling as to just throw me away? Don't you love me, don't you want to be with me?"

Tears came to Damor's eyes, as he threw his arms around her and held her in a tight embrace. As he did so she continued to sob on his shoulder.

"It's tearing me up inside!" He cried. "The thought of loosing you forever! But if that is what is best for you, for her. Than that is what I must do. I love you more than anything in this world, even enough to let you go if I have to! But Alicia means a lot to you, so she means a lot to me. This is why I wanted you to wait until you made your decision. You needed to see her current condition."

"I honestly don't know what to do!" Cried Holly. "I love you both so much!"

Damor then slowly released Holly from his embrace. As they stared into one another's tear filled eyes, he gently took her hand and placed it over his heart. She could feel the powerful rhythm, as it was beating through his chest. He looked at her and smiled.

"Holly Hobby." He whispered.

"Oh Damor!" She cried, she was now more confused than ever. More than anything she wanted to stay with him. But she felt that it would be wrong of her to leave Alicia. She also hated the thought of Alicia being alone, and even believing that she was dead. What would her father want?

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