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Animalistic Desires by HeidiFedor
Animalistic Desiresby Heidi Fedor
I do not own the images in this story. What evil lurks in the hearts of most men, or in this case--mythical creatures? Amorous lust, desire, and obsession are what dri...
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The Vampire and The Incubus by Tia1515
The Vampire and The Incubusby Puttia Patton
Monica is a girl of little wants and needs. She is to one day take control of an entertainment company once her uncle steps down. Monica isn't one to please others for a...
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My Lovely Human (Naga Risotto X Reader) by CrimsonSkies1124
My Lovely Human (Naga Risotto X CrimsonSkies1124
(Y/N) finds a snake freezing to death during a snow storm and couldn't leave the poor snake to die. However, the naga falls in love and intends to take her back to his d...
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The Snake Whisperer (Reader x Naga!England) by MockingbirdsDontSing
The Snake Whisperer (Reader x BeccaG
The Snake Whisperer (Naga!England x Reader) This is my first story that I've ever made on DeviantArt and a story that I created on Quotev. You can find the story on De...
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Scaley Encounter by SkyWingclaw
Scaley Encounterby SkyWingclaw
It's not every day that you get kidnapped by the mean girl in school and get dumped off in the woods just because your best friend won't date her. You see, this is exact...
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Beyond the limits (male NagaOC x fem reader) by PrincessAngel68
Beyond the limits (male NagaOC x LittleBean_Kitten90
(Y/N) is an average 17 year old. She goes to shcool, has friends, has a lovely family and enjoys nature. One day at school she is asked to go on an exploration camp to a...
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Sticks and Stones (2P! Naga! England x Bullied! Reader) ::Discontinued 2015:: by Troelli
Sticks and Stones (2P! Naga! Sunny Side Up
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Naga!Genesis X Reader by Derpofthecentury
Naga!Genesis X Readerby Gladion is a Precious Muffin
It was all a mistake, just one big, mistake. You weren't supposed to be taken. He wasn't supposed to exist. You two weren't supposed to meet. You weren't meant to surviv...
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Naga Vincent x reader by serenityprincessfir
Naga Vincent x readerby serenity
Vore warning if you don't like vore than don't read this book
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In love with my master Naga! Vincent X reader by note_pin
In love with my master Naga! Matty!
You where lonely, Hungry and cold in the dark and quit forest. You cry every night hoping that some one could save you from this night mare called life. You wished that...
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Final Fantasy VII Naga!Character X Reader Requests by Derpofthecentury
Final Fantasy VII Naga!Character Gladion is a Precious Muffin
In an effort to keep my Wattpad more active, I'm taking requests for my Naga X Reader Series. Please read the rules on the first chapter.
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Naga vore by that1guy500
Naga voreby that1guy500
Naga vore
Naga x reader  by skirlgirl
Naga x reader by Skirlgirl
This is a naga x reader some sexual content will appear. This naga is an oc of mine named trink. Hes a young naga alone in his area looking for a mate when he finds you
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Monster boyfriend imagines  by raekentalbot
Monster boyfriend imagines by Serpent queen 🐍🐍
About monster-boyfriends can send requests in if want to it will be Morden and also medieval
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Don't be scared ~Scott x Naga!Vincent by Frostybitey
Don't be scared ~Scott x Naga! Frostybitey
I got inspiration for this at math class xD and started to write it right away (at class yes) and first chapters image this is what Vinny looks like and 2nd chapter is w...
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Selkie x Reader x Naga by SenapiWriterChan
Selkie x Reader x Nagaby Writer
You live by the shore where you were raised in your home town
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Don't Forget [Izana x Reader] by Fandomz_Fanboy
Don't Forget [Izana x Reader]by Remus Hisahoshi
"Fate is... a mysterious thing really. Fate is the inevitable. You cannot change fate. Fate is in charge of the important things like soulmates, destinies, and mort...
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Smut Stuff (one shots) by Doodle-Bat
Smut Stuff (one shots)by Doodle-Bat
you heard right.
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Living As A Naga With Three Stupid Friends by HimeKamigami
Living As A Naga With Three Hime Kamigami
summary sucks. Four mythical friends. I may edit the name over and over again. Sorry
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Naga Sonadow by shadckie
Naga Sonadowby Shadckie
Nagas are cool Sonadow is amazing Now what's better? BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER OF COURSE!!!! Enjoy this love story between a naga and mobbian!
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