ItDoHCH Part 8

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Holly slowly started to wake from her deep sleep. But something just didn't feel right. As her eyes began to flutter, she could feel strong muscular arms wrapped around her. A naked masculine body held her close, as she could feel herself being pressed against a rock hard chest. As her eyes fully opened, she saw that her head was nestled in the crook of a strange man's neck.

Terrified, and not knowing what was going on, she screamed as she started to panic. Her bunk mate's eyes shot open, as his body jumped. She had apparently jolted him from his slumber. He soon placed his hand over her mouth, and brought his index finger to his lips. Yet he made no sound.

Holly kept whimpering, as his hand kept her from screaming. He had her pinned to the strange nest like bed. Tears started pouring out of her eyes, as her breathing increased. What was he going to do to her?  That thought alone terrified her. As she looked down, what she saw scared her even more.

They were both completely naked, but from the waste down he wasn't even human. It was the merman who either abducted her, or saved her. But she didn't know which, but probably both. As he continued to keep her in place, his hand was still covering her mouth. But he kept looking at her, as if was studying her.

A smile soon appeared upon his lips. As he gently ran the back of his fingers down her tear stained face. He leaned in, and as far as she could tell, he began smelling her hair.

Oh my god! She thought. He's going to rape me! 

Not knowing what else to do, her teeth clamped down on his hand. He immediately removed it, and had a pained look of anger upon his face. But he didn't scream, in fact he didn't make any sound. She was hoping that she had distracted him long enough, so that she could get away. But it didn't work.

As she tried to get up, he immediately pushed her back down. He had a look of anger upon his face, and she feared he might try and hurt her.  With strong determination in his eyes he poked her hard, a few times in fact, in her right shoulder. He then pounded on his chest, with his fist, a couple of times.

"NO!" She cried. "I don't belong to you!" Determined to make her point, she kept shaking her head in defiance.

He still didn't make a sound, but had the same angry look of determination. He clinched his jaw, and his nostrils began to flare as he was breathing heavy. Again he just kept pounding his fist against his chest. He obviously wasn't deaf since her screaming had woken him up before, but apparently he was mute.

"NO!" She cried again. Out of nowhere he aggressively grabbed her wrists, and pinned her down.

"STOP!" She cried. But either he didn't want to listen, or maybe he just didn't even understand her. Whatever it was, he didn't stop, and smashed his lips into hers. She continued to cry, and pleaded as she struggled to break free of his assault on her mouth. Horrified at the thought of what he might do next, she cried out in terror.

All of a sudden he stopped. Her body trembled, as she looked into his eyes. She expected to see the look of a lustful predator, about to devour it's helpless prey. But as she looked into his eyes, she noticed that they began to soften. Instead of lust, anger, or determination, she saw what looked like regret and sadness. She wasn't sure, but she thought she saw a tear escape from his eye.

All of a sudden, he got off of her, and made his way out of the bed. He didn't even look at her, and dove into the ocean. Holly was stunned, where did he even go?  Had he known that he hurt her?  Perhaps he never meant that. Why was he mute, could he even understand her?

As she continued to ponder, she wondered what happened to her clothes. Fortunately the air was warm, so she wasn't uncomfortably cold. As she sat up, she was in awe of the beautiful cave that surrounded her. Was this his home? 

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