ItDoHCH Part 18

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Alicia was sitting down on the bed next to Holly. She could tell that Holly was having a restless dream, by her body's constant twitching. Holly began to slightly groan, as if she were afraid of something.

"N-n-n-no!" Holly cried. As her body all of a sudden shot up. Her eyes were as wide as saucers, and she was breathing heavily. She had a look of confusion upon her face, as she surveyed the area. All of a sudden, her eyes met Alicia's. Soon Holly furrowed her brows, as she had a look of confusion appeared upon her face.

"A-Alicia?" She cried, as tears began to stream down her cheeks.

"It's okay." Replied Alicia in a soothing whisper, "I'm here."

Instantly the two woman were soon locked in a supportive embrace. Alicia held Holly as tightly as she could. She could hear Holly's whaling sobs, as her body trembled within her arms.

"I thought you were dead!" Holly cried. "I'm so happy to see your alive, but I'm terrified of the situation we are in. Where are we?'

The both of them soon eased out of their embrace, and smiled at one another through teary eyes. Alicia then gently moved a strand of hair that had fallen in front of Holly's face.

"We're in a secret cave." Alicia replied. "This is where the octomen reside."

"You mean, the ones who attacked the ship?" Holly asked.

"Yes." Replied Alicia while feeling solemn.

"I-I don't suppose they spared dad." Said Holly as tears began to well up in her eyes. Alicia only responded by lowering her head, and slowly shaking it. Just thinking about how those bastards killed Roger, brought her to tears.

"How?" Cried Holly.

"Holly, I don't think-," Alicia began before Holly interrupted her.

"How?" Holly demanded.

"The octoman that had the kraken grab your father, and me, he then broke your father's neck." Replied Alicia. She then wiped her face as she could feel warm tears continuously running down her cheeks.

"Well at least he died easier than Mom, or James." Holly Cried.

"What happened to James, and Vivian?" Asked Alicia, although she wasn't even sure if she really wanted to know.

"The one that tried to abduct me, fed Mom to the kraken." Holly replied. "She was trying to protect me, and he killed her." All of a sudden, Holly began to sob even harder.

"But he skewered James alive!" Holly cried. "He ran him through with a harpoon! And then he-he-he lifted him off the ground! He was just hanging there in mid air, slowly dying! I had to beg him to kill James! I just couldn't let him suffer!"

"Oh my god!" Cried Alicia. "Those monstrous bastards!"

"Are you alright?" Asked Holly. "What have the done to you?

Alicia could feel the tears as they were welling up in her eyes.

"They took away my voice, because they said I was being disrespectful." Alicia replied. "Then, then they raped me. But I didn't fight them, because I knew I couldn't. I would rather them be as nice about it as possible, because I knew it was happening no matter what. Also I hoped if I gave in to them, than they would not try and seek you out. But apparently I was wrong."

"Oh my god!" Cried Holly. "I'm so sorry!"

"Listen Holly." Said Alicia. "I hate to have this conversation with you. But one of the reasons they left us alone was to talk to you. I know this is something you don't want to hear, but I'm begging you. It'll be easier if you just give in to them."

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