TCHS Part 8

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"What the fuck!", yelled Agan. It couldn't be, how was it even possible? Growing up he had heard legends about the infamous Naga King, but he never believed any of them. But there he was, standing there is all of his slithering glory. Then again, Agan had never talked to snakes before, so at this point nothing was shocking.

"Now, now,"laughed the smug naga, "There's no need for such—language. Besides, it's so disrespectful to speak like that to one of royalty.

"How do you know my name?", Agan cried out in anger, "What have you down to my students?  Where's Hailey?" The naga looked at him , and smiled

"So many questions," he replied in a smug tone, "where to even begin? I know, I start with the one you feel is most pressing. I can assure that the lamia is safe, and that no harm shall ever befall her. She's resting comfortably.  The poor girl needs her rest. I kept her very busy, as well as very—satisfied, throughout most of the night."

"You son of a bitch!", exclaimed a furious Agan, "You took her against her will!  You raped her!"  Agan lunged at him, and stuck his arm through the cage as far as he could.  Sweat, and tears of anger running down his face. Agan tried to grab at him, but he was just out of reach.  An evil laugh began to erupt form Agan's captor.

"I can assure, Agan," he said.  "All I took, was what But I didn't take all of it. She was the one who received all of the physical pleasure last night.  The only real pleasure I received, was watching the effect I was having on her—as well as experiencing her beautiful naked body, literally first hand.  Don't worry, as of now, her virginity is still intact. However, not after tonight.  That's when I will finally take—what's mine.  You have done well, Agan. I couldn't asked for a better queen."

"Queen?", asked a frustrated Agan. "What the fuck are you talking aboutAnd how the fuck do you seem to know my name?"

"Because, I'm the one who gave you your name.", he replied. "I was the one who safely delivered you to the orphanage in the first place.  I was also your mysterious benefactor. Who else could have provided an entire treasure chest full of gold?  I was also the one who found you as an infant, and saved your life. So perhaps you should be a little bit more respectful towards me. Didn't your mother ever teach you any manner. Oh wait, I forgot. Sorry."

Agan was surprised by what he had just heard, as tears began to well up in his eyes.

"Did you kill my family?", asked Agan.

"I'm sorry, but I know nothing about your family.", he responded. "As I just told you, I found y0u as an infant abandon in my rainforest. I normally kill any human male that enters my rainforest, but you were just an innocent babe. Even I'm not that much of a monster. I don't kill women or children.  If I had come across a mother, or a sister, they would being living in my kingdom, under my care. They would be living out the remainder of their lives in my kingdom. But since there hasn't been any female companions in well over a century, I can assure you that you were all I found."

"Why did you even bother to make sure I was well provided for?", asked Agan.

"Isn't t obvious?", he asked. " My father sent you to me. I rule this kingdom, and protect it from the destruction of man. That's why I kill any human male that comes upon it, while in the past I have comfortably imprisoned any female humans. I can't let mankind know of this sacred place. I rule it in my father's honor.  My father being the snake god. You see, I was conceived when he fell in love with a human girl from one of the tribes that used to reside here. You see this tribe worshipped my father. She was a present to him, and he more than gladly accepted. He rewarded them by turning all of them into immortal nagas and nagins, the female equivalent.  They looked similar to my older brother, and me."

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