TCHS Part 7

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Agan, and the eight remaining students split into four groups of two, while another student stayed behind. This was to guard the camp, and also to wait in case either Hailey or John returned. Agan was determined to find Hailey. Where the hell could she be?

He was terrified of what might of happened to her. To be honest, he could have cared less about what had happened to John. He blamed John for Hailey's disappearance. What had happened last night between them?  All he could think about was John trying to take advantage of Hailey.

John was known around campus as a womanizer. The thought of that Neanderthal touching Hailey—his Hailey, made his blood boil. That being said, John was his still responsibility. He didn't want any of his students hurt, or killed. Even if he did try and take advantage of Hailey. Plus finding John probably meant finding Hailey. Of course that didn't mean he wouldn't knock John's teeth out if it was deemed necessary.

Agan and Eric kept shouting their names, but to no avail. As they walked around the rainforest, memories kept flooding back to him. He had almost forgotten how beautiful if really was. Ever since he met Hailey, something seemed to be calling him home. More than anything he wanted to show her the place of his birth. He had fallen in love the moment he first laid eyes upon her.

Before that day, he had never believed in love at first sight. It had been his fifth year at the university. She had walked into the lecture hall with two other young women. All three of them were beautiful, but there was something about Hailey.  As the three women had sat down for class, she had looked up at him and smiled. Whether it was the smile from her ruby red lips, her chocolate brown doe eyes that burned right into his soul, or the shine of her tawny brunette hair—he knew then and there that she was the one for him.

For the entire school year, he would watch her form afar. He would see her around campus, always smiling, and so full of life. In his class he would try to use any excuse to get close to her, while trying to keep his true feelings for her hidden. The intoxicating lavender scent coming from her hair almost called to him. Best of all, she was one of the brightest students in his class. She was everything he had ever hoped to find in a woman, and at the time, he wasn't even looking.

Was it possible that she felt the same way?  True she smiled at him a lot, but she smiled at everyone. He used to become enraged whenever he caught other guys, both students and professors, looking at his angel with lustful desire. He noticed she never really dated much. Was she waiting for someone else?  If so, could it possibly be...him?

There were couple things keeping him from approaching her. One was the ten year age gap.  He didn't know how she'd feel about that. He didn't like to brag, but it was well known throughout campus that many of the students had a crush on him. Maybe she was one of them? 

Second was the fact that he was her professor. The University's policy was that professors could only get romantically involved with students that did not attend any of their classes. However, she was no longer one of his students. But would it creep her out if she told her how he felt?  How could he even find the opportunity to even breach the subject with her?

That's when the idea came to him. Over the summer he could take some students on an archeological exposition of the Peruvian Rainforest. The very area where he himself grew up. She always seemed interested in his class, especially since she majored in paleontology. 

He knew it would be an opportunity he had been look for, while also being the opportunity for him to kill two birds with one stone. Not only would it allow some one on one time with her, but it also gave him a chance to show her where he came from. Growing up in the small orphanage, he longed to get out his small village in Peru, and see the world.  However, when he first met her, all he could think about was bringing her back to the land of his birth. Not that he knew anything about who he really was.

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