Chapter 66

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Jennie's P. O. V.

"The price of every meal is seriously a pain on the head" Dara said while biting the fried chicken she bought from the counter.

"So next time, we need a packed lunch" I chuckle and drink my water, I gave Reign a spoonful of rice and meat while he's observing the whole place.

"Mommy I'm already good" He said after taking all the rice from the spoon.

"For spoon more baby and you're done eating" I softly said and make him drink his water.

"Anyways, you told me earlier that you'll ask something. What is it?" Dara interrupted.

I gaze on her and slowly put down the spoon "Hmm? Did I said something?" I asked her.

Because of too much work, I can't even recall a simplest thing that I said earlier. Dara rolled her eyes and swallow the food inside her mouth.

"Do you have amnesia?" She sigh "Remember when we met in your office? You told me that you'll ask something"

I furrowed my eyebrows and let the words process inside my head. My mind is occupied by a lot of cases. I roam my eyes around until I remember what she's trying to say.

"Ah.. It's not important" I said and looked at Reign to check if there's a mess on his face.

"You looked bothered earlier so I just remind you about that topic" She replied and continue eating.

I didn't answer her and stare at my food for a moment. I was planning to ask her about closure. Honestly, I rejected Lisa's offer last night even though she cried in front of me, I didn't put my guard down just because she looks pathetic. I told her that I don't need closure because everything's fine with me, she cheated and turned her back to me and it will not change the fact even if she asked for a closure. It'll be hard for us if we'll keep in touch to each other.

She told me that she'll not give up to ask for it until I agree.

We finished the meal and put our tray on the counter before headed back to the office. Dara went to the comfort room first so only me and son were walking through the hallway of the building.

Reign is happily hopping as we walk, If Bobby's parents are just near us, I will dropped him to them while I'm working. I know how bored he is inside the office because I can see through his face while he's watching me but I never heard any complains from him. He'll just smile at me and give me thumbs up to assure me that everything's fine.

"Mommy Love... " He uttered.

"Yes Baby love?"

He looked up and smile "I dreamt about Doctor Manoban last night" He confessed.

"Really? What happened?" I asked him.

He look straight and put his index finger under his chin to think "I can't quite remember but I heard her saying sorry while crying" He said.

I looked down at him and didn't answer back. Maybe that's the reason why he woke up in the middle of the night and asking about Lisa. We stayed up for two hours until I made him fall asleep.

"Don't think too much about her, maybe that's why you dreamt about her" I said and open the office.

My assistants are still in the cafeteria because nobody's here in the office. I open another door to get inside my own office.

"I didn't think of her Mommy" He said and run towards the couch.

I made my way to my table and took off my coat to hang it on the rack.

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