Chapter 56

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Jennie looked at her from head to toe and push her. Lisa back away and just look at Jennie straight on the eye. She wanted to speak but no words came out from her mouth. She just chuckle and put her hand on the wall to protect herself from falling.

"What are you doing here?" Jennie asked "Are you going to barge inside my home?"

Lisa shook her head and took three steps away from her "I'm not. Just wanna see you" She stated. Lisa tried to be away from Jennie so she won't get scared of her

Jennie huffed and rolled her eyes "Go home Lisa. Don't cause any trouble here, My son is asleep" She said and ready to close the door when Lisa speak again.

"I just came here to say I'm sorry again for what I've done" She said and smile weakly.

"You came here eve-"

"I'm sorry if.. If I always talking to you while I'm drunk.. I couldn't compose myself if I'm not like this. I don't have any courage to say sorry.. But I will still try" She said while catching her breath, since it's cold outside and just wearing a leather jacket, she can feel the coldness of the wind.

Lisa tried to bowed her head until she reached the level of her knees like she always do before.

"I'm sorry Nini" She uttered "I didn't intend to scare you or Reign.. I just.. I just passed by to.. say my sorry" 

Jennie furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at her "I don't need your sorry Lisa so please go home. You're disturbing me" She said.

Lisa bob her head and smile a bit to make herself feel better after the rejection. A thick cold breath came out from Lisa's mouth, she's wobbling and tried to bow her head again but she couldn't take it. As soon as she lower down her body, she left unconscious that made Jennie surprised.

Jennie looked at Lisa "Get up Lisa" She firmly said and waited for a couple of minutes but seems like the girl is already sleeping.

She looked outside and checked if there's someone with her but she has no one with her including her car, looks like she just took a cab.

"Lisa get up now!" Jennie yelled at her, she feels so cold as well. She pressed her eyes and took out her phone to call Marco but he's out of coverage area.

Jennie has no choice and she help Lisa to get up and walk until they reach the living room. If she'll let Lisa outside, for sure she'll be gone dead tomorrow.

Thankfully Lisa is somewhat awake but couldn't open her eyes. Jennie led her inside the living room and grope on her jacket to check on her phone.

"Wake up Lisa! You need to go home!" Jennie said with her gritted teeth.

Lisa knitted her eyebrows and forcing herself to get up but she can't. Jennie scoffed in disbelief and open her phone, unfortunately it has a lock.

"What's your password? I will call Somi to pick you up" Jennie asked her.

Lisa didn't speak and couldn't understand any. She tried to reach her phone but her arm is somewhat weak. Jennie brushed her hair and scroll on her contacts to check if there's someone she could call but only few Lawyers, Bobby and Marco are on her list.

She can't call Bobby because he's on duty and the guy is not responsible of Lisa. She's so frustrated to the point that she can't think properly. It's not because she couldn't resist her, it's because she doesn't want another trouble from Somi.

Jennie looked at Lisa and noticed something, her nose is bleeding. Jennie heave a sigh and massage her temple, another headache has been brought by Lisa.

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