Chapter 5: Visitation

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Jennie's P. O. V.

It's already Saturday Morning and I don't have any work other than Law class. This whole week is a drought since I haven't had seen Lisa personally for five days and it's killing me. All we were doing was to see each other through video call but it would only last for an hour because both of us will fall asleep.

Since I don't have anything to do for the whole day, I decided to cook food for Lisa. I know how tired she is these past few days and I couldn't do anything other than telling her how much I love her, saying everything will be alright, I miss her and so on. So for a surprise, I will do this. I saw in the internet that cooking foods for someone you love can make their weariness lessen so I'll try.

"You're up too untimely" My Mom showed up, I tied up my hair and wear my apron.

"Yeah, I will cook something for Lisa" I smile and look at the clock, it's 5:00 AM. My father will wake up soon to go to work "Do you want something for breakfast?"

"Just our usual meal, a light meal so I won't get fat" She chuckle.

"Okay. I will make one" I replied and make myself busy by looking for ingredients and utensils in the cabinets.

My Mom took her seat on the kitchen counter to have some tea. I know she's scrolling through her phone again and judging every person who passes by on her timeline.

"How's Lisa? Does she will great?"

"She's doing fine and tired but I can see that she's enjoying it" I told and crack the eggs.

"She's maturing already but I can still see her as a teenage Lisa who's always sending you a letter and a piece of chocolate everyday" She titter.

I just raise my eyebrow and a cryptic smile flashes on my lips. Still so vivid how we get started.

"Same goes to me. She's still a baby" I laugh softly and took out my phone to leave a message to my future.

"You just need to understand each other. Most especially that both of you are walking on the different path to reach your dreams, dream together for the future" My Mom said.

Can't help but to give her a genuine smile. Other than Irene Unnie and Chaeyoung, My Mom is the only person I've been sharing my secrets with. She knows all of our fights, sweetness and dreams..  Except.. Sex. They thought Lisa never touched me. My Mon only had an idea that we shared kisses and that's it. All she thought that my cherry is still shielding my entrance.

"I know Mom.  She's very supportive as well as I am" I replied and went back on cooking.

"That's good to hear" She mumbled and look at the living room "Your Dad is already awake"

When my Father showed up, I instantly give him a good morning kiss on the cheek. My Mom handed him his tea and took his seat beside her.

"What made you?" My Dad asked, he's pertaining why I woke up early.


"For.. Us?"

"You mean for Lisa?" He said, I look at him and he's looking ay me firmly "You can't hide it. You never cook for us this early"

I pouted my lips "This is a gift for Lisa so she won't feel tired for the whole day" I said.

Although both parties know our relationship, My Father stayed so firm and even observing our actions whenever he's around or even in social media? He's always checking our pictures

My Father didn't say anything and just read the newspaper like he usually do. I focus on preparing the foods so by 6:30, I'll be driving to the hospital. I know Lisa's in will be 8:00 AM but I want to be early as possible. I already bought energy drinks for Lisa's team, I put stickers on it saying "Take care of my Lisa"

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