Chapter 51

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Lisa's P. O. V.

We went home after what happened earlier. I didn't talk or something while I was driving. Liam fell asleep when I put him on his booster seat, he's crying and scared because of the incident. I was worried the whole time because it's his first time to witnessed it.

I was seriously mad at Somi because of what she said but I can't just yell at her in front of people.. I mean, I can't shout on them. I tried to restrain myself from creating a scene earlier so I have to bring them home first.

Somi is crying until we reached the unit. I put Liam on his crib first which is inside our room before I proceed outside wherein I saw Somi crying in the living room. I stop in front of her and put my hands on my waist.

"What just happened?" I asked without any sympathy within my voice.

She looked up and somehow devastated "She hit me first Lisa. What do you want me to do? I didn't hit her back!" She stated.

"Tell me the truth" I mumbled and exhale a big amount of air.

"What? You think I'm lying?" She asked in disbelief.

I clenched my jaw and just look at her firmly. I didn't speak. She laugh in sarcastic way and stood up.

"You're taking her side? Wow" Her tears came out from her eyes "I'm your fiancé Lisa.. You should understand me!"

"Understand what? That you insulted her? Somi you didn't just barb her.. You also insulted me. Reign is my son! How could you say it? That kid has nothing to do with you, what came in your mind? Huh?" I yelled.

"Because she's using her child to get near you!"

I rub my face and brushes my hair, I couldn't believe this.

"Somi! Wake up!" I shouted "That kid is innocent!"

"You should protected me against her earlier but No! You did nothing!"

"What do you want me to do then?! To hurt her physically? Everyone will find it really offending if they hear what you just said! I can't tolerate such actions like that Somi! My God!"

I turn my back and messed my hair while biting my bottom lip. This is crazy. My anger is fulfilling my emotion right now. I close my fist and close my eyes to take deep breaths.

She pull my arm and make me look at her, she's mad I can see through her eyes "You've never been like this to me Lisa.. You never hurt me!" She said.

I huff "I can't understand.. Should I take your side even though it's your fault? Grow up Somi. We have our son earlier with us yet you didn't even think about him first before you started yelling in the lobby" I removed her grip.

"How can you tell me that I was lying? You're not even there when she started a fight. She confronted me Lisa! Why can't understand?!"

"Because Jennie can't do that! I know her!" I shouted that made us both stop.

I was surprised on the words that came out from my mouth. She scoffed and another stream of tears dripped down on her cheeks.

She started hitting me on my chest which I let her. I was just staring blankly at her for I don't know why. She started to yell that cause Liam to wake up and cry.

"How dare you!" Her voice crack.

I hold her both wrist to stop. She's resisting and push me so hard, she lifted her hand and give me a hard slap. My head turned and stay on it.

"You know me Lisa! I'd never been involved with fights.. " She sobs.

I heave a sigh and look down "What word should I use to make you understand that you did a wrong thing? Somi.. If Jennie called Liam a bastard, how would you react? Can't you imagine how hurtful it is? Even me, I was hurt when I heard you saying those words.. Why? He's my son Somi" I calmly said.

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