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"A black car owned by a business woman has been hit by a rapid ten wheeler truck. Three people were inside the said vehicle, two of them are critical while one of them receive multiple injuries. They have been brought on the nearest hospital. This is Song Ji-hyo RM news, reporting"

The sound of the stretcher is the only thing that the teenager girl heard as she run beside her Mom. She look at her back and saw her little brother lying on the stretcher too.

"I'm sorry Ma'am but you need to stay out of here" A nurse said.

"Dad.. " She cried and hug her Father. She didn't want to lose her grip on her Dad and look at the white curtain where her Mom and Brother situated "Be strong Mom and Jungkook" She whispered.

"Everything will be alright, Don't worry" Her Dad said as he put his stethoscope on the table near them, he rub his eyes and wipe his tears as he listen on the doctors.

He look at his Daughter who has a blood on her arms "Let us wipe and treat your wounds first?" He offered to divert her attention to something else.

They proceed on the closed room made by curtains same as where her Mom and Brother were. She sit on the stretcher and got treated by his own Father with the help of a nurse.

"Mom and Jungkook will be fine, Right Dad?" She asked.

He stop from putting some cottons and alcohol on her wounds and look at her.

"They will be and I promise I will do everything" He promised and wipe his Daughter's tears.

She smile at him and a nurse open the curtain to call her Father.

"Mr. Manoban.. We need you to perform a surgery for the Patient, We have lack of Surgeon tonight as they're off on duty. Two patients need to get the surgery" She stated.

"I'll be there just give me five minutes" He said calmly and look back to his Daughter "Lisa, Stay here okay? As soon as I walk out of that room.. I have good news for you" He whispered.

She nod her head and hug her Dad "Please save them Dad.. Please" She cried.

The stretcher of Jungkook and her Mom have been out of the ER and proceeded to the Operating room where three Surgeons are waiting for them.

He took the white coat and his stethoscope before he dash out of the ER, leaving her Daughter inside. Lisa step down of the stretcher and look at the swaying door of the Operating room. She decided to wait on the bench near at the OR.





6 hours had been passed and the nurses come and go inside the OR. She look at the wall clock and saw the time, 12:38am and there were no more visitors inside the Hospital. Only few nurses and janitors were roaming around the hospital.

"Ma'am do you want to sleep inside the ER instead of here?" The Nurse asked her.

She got up from lying on the bench and shake her head "No thanks" She replied and look at the door.

Then suddenly the Surgeons are walking out of the OR gradually. She stood up and run towards them.

"How's my Mom and Jungkook?" She asked.

One of them start and pat her head "I'm sorry Lisa" He said and smile forcefully before he left.

Her world stop from moving as she heard the news. As she shake her head, those tears pour down on her cheek. She look down and wipe her tears then the door went open and saw a black shoes, she's so sure that it is her Dad's.

Lisa look up and saw her Dad with a lot of blood on his gloves. "Dad" She run towards him and grip on his clothes "Tell me, they're fine! Dad tell me!" She cried.

Her Father reach her shoulder quivering and that was the moment when her heard a loud sobs from her Dad.

"I'm sorry Lisa.. They didn't made it" He softly said and kneel down.

She shake her head and don't believe on what he said "You are lying" She sobs, her sight is getting blurry because of the tears.

"I'm sorry Lisa but your Mom and Jungkook left us already" He mumbled and cry on the floor.

Lisa back away and look at her Father "You promise me.. You Promise me Dad" She shouted.

She run inside the Operating room and saw the two stretchers inside, Her Mom and brother's body have been covered by a green cloth. That was the moment when her knees weakened, she sit on the floor and hug her knees while looking at the body of her Family.

"I would never be like you Dad.. Never" She whispered.


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       C  O  M  I  N  G            S  O  O  N

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