Chapter 45

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Jennie's mouth went a little bit open when she saw Lisa's Dad in front of them. She has no grudge towards him because he never did wrong to her, he even let her be with Lisa during those times and supported her pregnancy.

"Uncle Marco" Jennie uttered and looked at Reign first before she looked back at him "Come in"

Lisa's Dad smile and looked at the passage way when Jennie let him in. The latter sigh and tap Ella's shoulder to give her a cue to make some tea.

"Mommy I spilled the water" Reign said, in the verge of crying when the water pour on his shirt.

Jennie swiftly walked to him and dry him up "It's fine baby" She whispered and put him down on the chair.

Marco reached them and smile at Jennie then to Reign. He wanted to reach his grandson but he remain standing in front of them.

"Reign greet him" Jennie said to her son.

Reign looked at the man who's standing in front of them and bow his head "Hi. Good Morning" He uttered that cause Marco to chuckle.

"Good Morning as well our little angle" Lisa's Dad smile widely

Jennie fake her smile and gaze on Ella "Ella.. Would you stay with Reign in our room first?" She asked.

Ella didn't hesitate and hold Reign's hand to bring him inside the room.

"Bye bye" Reign wave his hand before Ella closed the door.

Jennie checked the door first before she rub her palm "Have a seat Uncle" She said.

Marco observed the whole apartment while smiling "It's simple yet it looks comfortable" He said while smiling.

Jennie went to the kitchen and prepare a tea for him. She knows that Lisa's Dad likes to drink tea. She already made one for him and he liked it so much. This will be the second time so she's not sure if Marco will like it.

"It's been three years Jennie and a lot of changes from you" Marco blabber and put his hands inside the pocket "Can I sit here?" He asked.

Jennie glance at him "Sure" She replied.

Marco took her seat on the small old couch that Jennie's using. A silence between can make them feel so awkward. Jennie blend the tea on the hot water and her eyes are moving into the corner of it to gaze on Marco.

She's sweating bullet not because of getting scared but because of her fever. Jennie knows that Lisa's Did would know that their child is alive because of Dr. Lee so she wouldn't be surprised if one day this old man will visit them once they moved in the city which is actually happening right now.

Jennie never thought of pulling Reign away from Marco because this man never did something bad to them. He even bought the unit for the two so they can stay in one roof but only days passed, Jennie left due to too much pain from Lisa.

Jennie put the cup of tea on the small plate and made her way to the living room. She took her seat on the other solo couch and rub her hand on the lap.

"How are you?" Marco asked her.

Jennie purse her lips and smile "I'm fine.. Doing great as I should be" She told.

Marco took a sip of his tea and bob his head "Nothing change.. Your tea is still my favorite" He proudly said and took another gulp

Jennie got up from the couch and went to the window to tie the curtain. She's trying to avoid his questions because she's not yet ready to talk to him.

"I'm proud that you're achieved what you deserve" He said.

Jennie breathe out and stop, she pressed her lips and curled her lips a bit.

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