Chapter 25

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Jennie's P. O. V.

I woke up around 4AM today, I mean everyday. I have this body block when the time hits 4, my eyes will automatically open up. Maybe because I used to work in the farm by 4:30 AM for the past years.

I decided to cook for our breakfast, thanks God that I saved money from my previous work. It was already budget for Reign's diaper, milk and our food to eat. It's hard to do a budget if you only saved a small amount of money. I'm really eager to work in the Law firm as soon as possible.

I made my way to our room and to look for my son who's sound asleep. I tuck him in and brushed his hair.

I'm seriously hesitant for a visitation to Dr. Lee but everytime I was thinking that he was the main reason why my son is still alive and breathing, I should thank him. I never had a chance to say my thank you since I left the hospital that day.

I am indebted to him so I have to do this. Even so I know that he's working with Lisa, the same team and office, I don't care. It's not her child. She knows that our child was already dead and that's great to think.

My mind is occupying Reign's health, life and everything. I didn't think of any, even my family? I never think of them.. Just Ella.. I miss my sister so much.

Reign move a bit and in the urge of crying when I tap his leg to let him know that I'm right beside him. I have no idea what work will I take over in the office, If I will have one people to accommodate to her case or I'll just sit there and wait for the papers to come.

When I'm so sure that Reign is deeply sleeping again, I went back in the kitchen and finish the food for breakfast. The wind is blowing through the window, indicates that winter is coming. We have to used the thick jackets and boots once we stroll through the City today.

I need to buy some necessities for Reign before I started working. It's pretty hard to do it once I have a workload so it's better to be prepared.

I put the simple dishes on the table and cover it. I need to wait for my son to get up so we can eat.

I took the box with full of trashes inside because of yesterday when we packed out. I wear my sweater before I go outside, leaving my son for a while as I take the path outside. I open the door and the wind hit my bod too much to the point that the box blew away.

"Oh God! I have to clean it again" I sigh and pick up few papers on the floor.

I didn't notice that the sun is peeking on the clouds. Everyone is awake for work. When I finished picking up the papers, I hurriedly walk towards the gate and put the box outside so the Garbageman can see it in one glance.

I kinda miss this City but I miss the village more. You can't hear a loud noises from the vehicles once you woke up but this is the reality, I need to work for my baby.

I heard a cries inside the house so I run to check him. I saw him hugging the small teddy bear that Bobby gave him while crying out loud. I close the door and pick him up.

"Are you scared?" I asked and he nod his head "I'm sorry.. Here's your milk before we start to eat"

I gave him the bottle and he suck it. By just staring at his face made my energy boost.

"Who gave this to you?" I asked him, he looked at it and hug it tighter "Uncle Bobby?"

He bob his head and buried his face on the crook of my neck. It's his favorite toy ever, he never had any expensive toys from malls or well known stores. I gave him the toys I bought from the supermarket which not cause that much. I just realized that we're just paying the brand of the toy and not the main product. It's the same as the toys in the mall.

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