Chapter 54

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When Reign asked his Mom about his Dad, Jennie stop from talking and just stares at Reign. The kid is somewhat confused because he never had experienced the presence of his Dad.

From the word 'Dad' that everytime he heard it, he's bewildered because there's no Dad in his vocabulary.

"If there's Mommy, there's Daddy!" Reign said and looked on their picture with Bobby "Uncle Bobby, Uncle Bobby is Daddy" He repeated.

Jennie sigh and took her seat instead, she caress Reign's cheeks and tried to smile at him.

"You're right, if there's a Mom there will be a Dad but in our case, you only have me" Jennie stated and pick up Reign to make him sit on her lap, she hug her kid and kiss his cheeks "Uncle Bobby is not your Daddy, he's just an Uncle but he's trying his best to show you how to have a Dad"

"Who's Dad Mommy?" He frown.

"You're still a baby to know everything. One day, you'll know" She said and brush his back.

"Do Daddy looks like Uncle Bobby? Like we're going to play and make me laugh like Uncle Bobby do?"

Jennie heave a sigh and make Reign sit in front of him. Even though she doesn't want to tell some things about Lisa, she knows Reign won't stop from asking as soon as he got his answers.

"They're not the same. Somehow, They have similarities but they have a lot of differences. Uncle Bobby is really a good man, he stayed with Mommy and Reign when they're feeling down. He accompanied us when the life gets hard. He took care of you while Mommy was not around, right? He can make you laugh and smile at the same time. Uncle Bobby is a Daddy material" Jennie chuckle and looked at Reign, she can see Lisa's face on him. No one can deny that he came from Lisa's blood.

"But how about Daddy?"

"Are you sure that you're a two year old?" Jennie laugh at him and kiss Reign's tip of nose before she went so serious.

"Daddy is bad?" He pouted.

Jennie purse her lips and shook her head "Nope. She made Mommy happy because I have you" She stated with a genuine smile on her face.

She made Reign lay down on the bed and hug him so tight. She tap his leg and make him fall asleep but seems like the kid doesn't want to sleep. He looked at his Mom's face and pouted his lips.

"Tell me something about Dad, Mommy"

Jennie fix themselves and getting hesitant to tell some stories but of course, she doesn't want to disappoint her son.

"We were together for so many years. Your Grandparents knew about our relationship but my Dad which is your Grandpa was against before because we were still a student during that time but.. but she fought for us like she didn't care on what she would went through just to be with me. She made Mommy happy from time to time, Mommy's happy pill and Mommy's strength. She spoiled me on everything and respected me" Jennie told while caressing Reign's hair.

She made Reign looked at her and said "She was the best that I wanted her to be my part of my life but sadly, everything goes beyond the limit. Mommy was so happy whenever we were together, she was my life during that time but now my life depends on you" She added.

Reign stares at Jennie and touch her cheek "Don't cry Mommy" He said when he saw that there's a tear in the corner of her eye.

Jennie laugh softly "You're too young to know what really happened but.. Don't hate her, okay? Mommy's in fault too but there's one thing that Mommy can assure you.. She would be the best Dad if she's with us but today, we should stick together because you only have Mommy" She said, she's in the verge of crying.

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