Chapter 83

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Jisoo's P. O. V.

It's already morning and it's hard to say but this is my last day in Korea for the meantime. Chaeyoung and I had a heart to heart to last night and she cried so much because she never imagine ourselves in a long distance relationship. I made her understand that 2 years is just quick, it's a flash that you wouldn't notice that two years will end tomorrow. Even though I don't want to go but I have to, this is for the betterment of our dreams.

When I wake up this morning, I heard a frying noise in the kitchen so I think my wife is cooking. As I took my seat on the edge of our bed, I saw my luggage in the corner. I will miss this place so much. It makes me sad so much but I'm lucky that I still have Lisa with me, maybe it's a new beginning for us.

"Wow it smells good!" I said when I open the door, I heard how she chuckle which made giggle. I stretch my arms before I headed towards the kitchen "You cooked a lot"

"You have to eat before you go. I know you hate foods in plane" She said and put the kimchi fried rice on the plate "What time is your flight?"

I looked on the digital clock and I still have much time to talk to Jennie.

"You already forgot?" I pouted.

When she put the pan on the sink, she looked me and rolled her eyes "You told me that you need to be in hospital around 4pm because of meeting. But you didn't tell me your flight" She frown.

I just laugh and pull the chair for her "Have a seat first" I said, she walked slowly and sit.

I sit across her and serve the food to her "We'll be off by 6:10 PM. Don't come with us, okay? I don't want to see you crying" I said, she just smile weakly at me. Her swelling eyes are still visible, I bet she didn't sleep.

"Let me come with you, that's the only time that I will see you personally. I'll be sad if I didn't" She sigh.

I put the plate down after I served mine and poke her nose "Fine if that's what my wife wanted" I chuckle and we started to eat. I gave her a spoonful inside her mouth that cause her to laugh.

I'm still thankful that I don't have a child with her because it'll be hard to be apart. By just imagining that you wouldn't witness how your baby grow for two years, it breaks my heart. That's why I will ask her right the moment when I came back from Europe to bear my child.

"So you're going to talk to Jennie Unnie?" She asked.

I stop from munching my food and nodded my head "Uuhm. I want to leave the past before I start a new beginning in Europe. I want to say sorry even though it's really late. I'll meet her this 1 am" I stated.

She nodded her head and drink the water "Then I'll go in the hospital around 4:30 pm? If you need space to talk" She uttered.

"Sure. It'll be awkward if you hear my explanations" I cackle which made her laugh.

We enjoyed our last breakfast together and watched a movie in the living room. We talked different things for our future and of course the crying wouldn't be absent in our discussion. I told her that she needs to stay in her parent's house for the mean time while she's waiting for me. I don't want to work in Europe while my mind is in Korea because of her

After lunch, I took a bath and prepare myself to meet Jennie. She message me if I could go in the park near her office because she has hearing this afternoon.

I heard from Jin that Somi's case started early this morning and it went well. Even though the judge haven't decide anything, Somi looks so guilty with her answer. They also have witness which is a police officer and will also summon Lisa's Dad for the second meet. It will be a tough battle for Somi but I hope she learned her lesson.

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