Chapter 43

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"Surpriise Mommy Love!"

Reign run to Jennie and lifted his arms to carry him. The latter didn't hesitate and took him on the arm. She was surprised that the two visited her in the office.

"Why are you here?" Jennie asked her son and looked at Bobby.

"We just wanted to fetch you in the office since you're sick. Besides, Reign was too bored earlier" Bobby stated and walked inside, his eyes landed on Lisa's body, he cover his mouth as he thought that Jennie has a client "I'm sorry" He whispered.

Lisa looked at the two and step forward, tears escape from her eyes. Jennie noticed that she's getting nearer so she has to go to Bobby and give Reign to him.

"Wait me outside.. " Jennie uttered.

"Why?" Bobby asked and take Reign from her.

Reign resisted and grab Jennie's neck to go with her again "Mommy~"

"Reign go with Uncle Bobby first, Mommy needs to talk to someone" Jennie whispered and cup his cheeks.

Lisa went towards them and ready to carry Reign but Jennie push her.

"I'm telling you, don't you dare" Jennie said, gritting her teeth.

Lisa's eyes are somewhat begging for Jennie to let her touch him but Jennie was too firm. Bobby noticed the tension and fix position and rub his back.

"RJ.. Just call me outside if something happened" Bobby said while looking at Lisa.

Lisa glance at Bobby and held Reign's arm to take him "Jennie please.. Let me carry him" Lisa said as she took her deepest breath to suppress herself from crying.

"Bobby go out of the office now" Jennie said as she close her eyes and massage her forehead.

Bobby removed Lisa's hand from Reign and glare at her "Reign let's wait Mommy outside" He said.

Lisa is about to follow but Bobby extended his arm to stop Lisa. Reign just look at Jennie before they close the door of the office.

The tall girl closed her fist "For the past 3 years that I didn't hold him, Jennie please let me hug and carry him this time" Lisa didn't make it as she cried in front of her.

Jennie looked at her in disbelief "So you're putting the blame on me? Lisa? Are you out of your mind? What words you couldn't understand? Huh?"

"I know I made a mistake Jennie.. I'm reflecting on it.. I w-"

"Shut up. I don't care if you are reflecting on it or not. If you're suffering or not. That's a good thing right? Your conscience is eating you alive. Whatever you wanted to say and beg for me, my answer will always be No. Reign doesn't need you, We survived without thinking about you"


"If there's one person other than me who he wanted to, that's Bobby" Jennie said looking through her eyes to tell that she's saying the truth.

"Who's he? Your boyfriend?" Lisa asked as she furrowed her eyebrows.

"Who are you to know it?" Jennie raise her eyebrow and passed by her but Lisa hold wrist and pull her closer before she hug her for the third time "Let me go Lisa!" She shouted and push her.

"Jennie please listen to me first" Lisa said, she parted her body to Jennie and hold her both arms, caressing it "Jennie.. Look at me please look at me" She's crying mess.

Jennie slap her again "Don't touch me. Everytime that your fingers touching my skin? I feel so disgust. Imagine how evil you are Lisa, Do you want me to take you back from the past?" Jennie asked.

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