Chapter 52

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Seulgi's P. O. V.

Fuck this life. I was so drown with alcohol last night. Lisa didn't want to go home not until she couldn't make it and left unconscious on the table. It's her first time to get drunk. In our group, she has the high tolerance in alcohol but she looked defeated.

I brought her home since I can't drive for two long because of being intoxicated. When I woke up, she's not there anymore. I didn't bother to look for her because I know she's already gone home.

"You want coffee?"

I almost stumble down while stepping out of my car when someone talked behind me. I held my chest and looked at my back.

"Oh God Bae!" I said with irritation "Are you following me?"

She pouted her lips "No. I was about to get a good drink for this morning when I saw a familiar vehicle which is probably yours and I'm not mistaken" She smile victoriously.

I close my car's door and squinted my eyes "So what? You can go inside all by yourself" I hissed.

She hit my arm "I was trying to be good to you why you always giving me a hard time to approach you?" Her forehead scrunch.

"You're annoying" I rolled my eyes and decided to walk.

And I wasn't wrong, she'll follow me. I was about to speak again when she push me aside that cause me to looked at her in disbelief.

"You brat" I cussed but she didn't look back to see me, instead she proceed inside and stay in line.

I shrugged my shoulder and walked inside. My head hurts and I can feel that the alcohol is still fresh in my mouth. Imagine, we get drunk until 5am? From that night until morning. I was asking Wendy to go with us but she refused because of work. I asked Jimin and he's not answering his phone and just sent a message to me earlier that he fell asleep really early due to too much work.

"Ahh I want Iced coffee Americano" I groan while massaging my head.

Irene is in front of me and not even turning her head to look at me. I scanned her back frame and she looks so cute with her dress today addition to that, her messy hair.

"Don't you have work? You're late" I said to her but she's not answering "Wow. How could you resist me?"

Still there's no response. It is Irene's turn to order and I was standing right behind her, listening to her voice.

"Hot chocolate for me and croissant" She said and ready to take her purse when I put my card on the counter which made her startled.

"Add to it, Iced coffee americano. Here's the payment for my order and hers" I intrude, the cashier quickly took it and repeat our orders.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

I didn't speak and waited for my card before I make her turn around and push her to get on the table. She keeps on resisting but I didn't care.

"This is my payment. I don't want to have a debt on you" She handed me a cash.

"It's fine" I replied and looked somewhere, Some of the customers are looking at us because maybe they thought that we're a couple.

A silence is deafening our ears. It's seriously awkward everytime she's around. We always teased each other but in a rude way. I gaze on her and she's frowning while looking at her phone.

Our foods arrived. She said her thank you to the crew. I stood up swiftly and take my coffee. I'm running out of late so I have to go.

"Where are y-"

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