Chapter 22

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Lisa's P. O. V.

I woke up on my swivel chair when someone slam my table. I flinch and frown as I look who did it.

"Hey. The schedule for the event will be the day after tomorrow" Dr. Lee said to me with a dull expression on his face while looking at me and Liam.

I'm trying to make him fall asleep on my lap but I guess I did it first.

"Yeah.. Thank you" I replied and he left my table.

I fix Liam's position and make him lay on my arms. Every weariness inside me disappear everytime I was looking at him. He's my life.. I couldn't afford I lose him. The day that he came in my life is the day that I changed so much.

I was planning to get married 4 months from now. We were about to tie our knot a month after I confessed to My Dad after.. After Jennie's miscarriage.. But My Dad didn't let me and told me to wait for two years or more since it happened so fast.

I'm trying my best to be a good partner to Somi and a good Dada to Liam.. Everything that they needed, I always providing it. If they asked something then I'll give it. But it went too much to the point that Liam was getting spoiled through material things.

I never had a normal talk with Seokjin and other friends.. They hated me for what happened. What they want me to do? To force myself to the person who cheated on me? But after all, It's fine. I have a family now and I'm happy to be with them..

When Jin and I fought that night, it's the start that everyone around push themselves away from me. Yes, I know I did something and think impulsively which leaded to Jennie's miscarriage. I don't know where she is now, They've been looking for her since the day she left until now. Her family was totally mad at me.. I mean everyone. I'm thankful that I have Somi.

My success is continuously coming through my way and I am blessed. This is for my Family.


I look at my back and saw Somi wearing her jacket. I gaze on the clock and it's time to go.

"I'm sorry, I didn't notice the time" I chuckle and carry Liam.

"It's fine. You're so tired that's why you fell asleep" Somi said and took Liam from me "Let me carry him for you"

I caress her cheek and simper "I love you" I mumbled.

"I love you too" She replied and give me smack on the lips.

We got distracted when Dr. Lee cough so hard almost taking off his lungs from his chest. I just laugh and took my jacket to wrapped it to Liam's body.

"Just being careful so my boy won't get sick" I tap his back after I put it "We're leaving!"

"Bye!" Everyone shouted, except Jisoo who's scrolling through the internet

We walk outside the office and I help my fiancé to carry her bags. We're living in the condo so I don't need to drop her off to the dorm.

I drive my car carefully when we hop inside the car. Liam was sleeping peacefully on the backseat as I checked him through the rear mirror.

"What do you want to eat once we get home?" Somi asked.

"You can't cook" I laugh.

"But I'll try!" She hissed and throw a hand on me "But you're still trying to eat it even  it was taste so bad"

"Let's not waste food or money" I shrugged my shoulder

I look at her first and look back to the road when my eyes widened when I saw the red light, I step on the break almost hitting the old Lady who's crossing the street.

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