Chapter 42

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"Is this true??" Dr. Park covered her mouth while bawling her eyes.

"Yes. I was about to enter that office yet I saw it widely open, good enough for me to hear their yells. I couldn't believe that I heard it the moment I step my feet in front of the door" Dr. Song said.

Everyone is encircling his place as he spill the news from the office earlier. Only Jisoo and Dr. Lee were listening from their tables.

"Liam! You have a bother.. First son" Ten said in excitement, the kid looked at him and just rolled his eyes.

"Yah! If Somi and Lisa hear you, they will beat you up" Dr. Song smack his head "Be careful with your words, he couldn't understand it because he's just a baby"

"I'm just telling him the truth" Ten pouted and caress his head.

"So that's why Reign's eyes are the same as Lisa! I knew it! His eyes are familiar" Dr. Park hit the table and shook her head.

"Sad to say that I didn't hear the whole information but as what I've heard, Lisa was crying" Dr. Song reported.

Jisoo's eyes went on the corner while holding the paper, listening to their discussions. She signed up on the paper and put it aside.

"You guys should stop spreading rumors, Somi might hear you and give you a back fire on this" Jisoo warned her and stood up "You can talk about it once we're already in the dorm, this is place for work and not for rumors"

Ten and Dr. Song hit and putting the blame on each other.

"So Dr. Lee, you know that Reign is Lisa's son?" Dr. Park asked him "You were the one who declared that she lost her baby, right?"

"Ah! I remembered it!" Dr. Song pointed Dr. Lee.

"Yeah" Dr. Lee replied.

"Lisa might sue you for faking it" Ten mumbled.

"But she was happy during that time that finally she lost the seed of cheating" Jisoo butt in "Jennie can sue her instead"

They all looked at the door when they saw a shadow on the glass door. They stop when Somi showed up with his puffy eyes, enough to say that she cried so hard.

They went back on their tables, the silence can damage everyone's ears. Somi put Liam on her lap and kiss his head. She's devastated when she found out that Reign is Lisa's child with Jennie, she thought that they never had a child because Lisa told her so.

Mr. Manoban told Somi to leave them first as he needs to talk to her only daughter privately regarding to the issue. Somi didn't want to go but Lisa's Dad beg for her.


Bobby's P. O. V

Another day of baby sitting this young boy. I'm not complaining, it's really relaxing to stay at home and just look after to a behave kid. If RJ will hire me as his nanny, I will accept it.

"Reign, tell me when if you poop or pee so I can change your diaper, okay?"

"Uhm!" He replied, he's busy playing with his toy airplane.

I want to go outside and stroll around but I'm too lazy to go besides RJ will be home by lunch. She took half day because she's not feeling well. I told her to stay at home and rest but she told me that the salary that she'll get for today is a big help for Reign's expenses.

"Reign" I called, he looked at me while sucking his pacifier "Do you want to fetch Mommy at work?"

He run towards me, only wearing his diaper and tee "Mommy is sick Uncle Bobby, let's visit her and give a kiss" He said as he pull out his pacifier.

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