Chapter 21

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A rainy morning for everyone in Seoul. Only few people are walking outside holding their umbrellas to protect themselves from being soak. Cars are keeping it slow due to slippery road.

"Okay, Jump" Somi said as she hold her son's hand to jump on the wet part.

"This is dirty Mommy" The little boy complain. He's wearing his overall jumper.

"I will wipe it for you once we get inside the office, okay?" Somi assure her but the little one didn't move his feet, He's tiptoeing because he's not used to this "Okay let me carry you"

Somi carry him right away and walk through the corridor to get inside the office. They've been bringing their kid to work for almost one week straight because they couldn't find a baby sitter. They had one before but she resigned due to so much problem.

"Where's Dada?" The little boy asked.

"Maybe she's inside your Grandpa's office with her team" Somi answered back and struggling to open the door.

She put down the kid and open it, revealing other Doctors inside.

"Oh Hey Liam!" Dr. Park greeted him, Liam run to her and give a hug "How's your morning?"

"It's bad because it's raining" He pouted.

"You're so cute Liam, Did you know that?" Ten raise his hand to ask for a high five but the little boy cross his arms and didn't want "You're a brat just like your Mom" He whispered and went back to his table.

"Where's Lisa?" Somi asked and wear her coat.

"She's with her team. Probably they will be here after few minutes" Ten uttered and tap his pen on the table as he read the newspaper that he bought earlier.

Somi just bob her head and took her seat "Liam come here and I will wipe your shoes"

Liam walk to her Mom and sit on her lap. Somi take over on taking care of her son since Lisa is not here.

"Mommy can I go to Grandpa's office?" Liam asked.

"But they're in a meeting so maybe later?"

"No. I want now.. Please?"

"Okay, I will dry your shoes first before we go there" Somi said in defeat.

It's true that the little boy grow up being spoiled by parents most especially Somi. They love the kid so much to the point that they'll give everything that he asked for even if it's unnecessary to have.

Mr. Manoban was devastated at the first time he heard about Jennie's baby, he went so mad to Lisa to the point that he hurt her physically because his daughter told him that Somi was pregnant which made him realized that maybe that was the reason why Jennie had her miscarriage but later on, he accepted Lisa's baby to Somi because it's still his grandchild after all.

"Hey Mr. Song can I have a candy?" Liam asked as he peek on the table, pointing at the jar of chocolates.

"Sure but make sure to brush your teeth after or else Lisa will kill me" Dr. Song chuckle and put down the newspaper he was holding to give him what he wanted. He open it for him before he give it.

"Thanks for this" He said and run to his Mom.

They walked out of the office and headed to the elevator to reach the Director's office where Lisa is. Liam keep on dancing inside as he look on his reflection through the elevator.

"Dada Here we go!" Somi said when the door open.

She dragged her kid out of it and proceed to the main office. Employees are greeting them a great morning to lighten up the mood.

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