Chapter 65

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Lisa drove her car not so far from Jennie's apartment. She's with Bobby and they bought few cans of beer to have a drink. They spent the whole ride without talking because no one dares to start a conversation. When they stop from a spot where nobody's passing by and hushed, Lisa is the first one who step out of the car and took the drink from boot of the car, she closed and place the beers on the top of it.

Lisa throw the canned beer to Bobby who just arrived "Let's begin" She started and jump to take her seat on the trunk.

Bobby open his can and lean on the trunk, he rested his right arm on it while he's holding his beer by the free hand.

"So.. What are your plans? Especially now that you found out that Reign is your son?" Bobby bluntly said, he's not looking at her instead he's looking at the beer.

The crickets started to produce sound, the trees dance through the wind as it blows really hard making their hairs messed. Lisa open her can and drink it, she felt the balmy texture of the beer, she shall not get drunk because she needs to drive home.

"You're not only destroying one family, you're destroying your family as well" Bobby blurted out.

"How did you know her?" Lisa avoided the question.

Bobby wry a smile "I met her accidentally because she's looking for a low-priced apartment while she's staying in our village, she once told me that she's pregnant. I saw how tired and devastated she was during that time so I guess, she really needs a help so who am I to be inconsiderate? I help her and offered our vacant house" He stated, he's smiling everytime he's recalling what happened before.

"Did she.. Did she live well?"

Bobby took a drink "Yeah. We help her, don't worry. We took care of her and your son. She forced herself to work hard even though it's not good because she's still carrying Reign. We couldn't stop her because she was always telling us that she's fine and she needs to work hard because she's living alone and raising her baby alone" He told and shook the can a bit.

Lisa bob her head and sigh, she can feel the pain while thinking about Jennie. Even though she didn't witness everything, she can clearly imagine how Jennie went into tough situation while she's away from everyone.

"Did you know that I want to punch you everytime that I am seeing you?" Bobby asked and looked at Lisa, the latter chuckle and clear her throat.

"I can feel it" Lisa mumbled "Everyone wants to do it"

Bobby clenched his jaw and put all the anger into his hand as he clutch on the bottle.

"I couldn't believe there's such person who can wish someone's death.. Worst part is, he's your own son. Your blood is running through his veins. Are you sure you're a human?"

Lisa couldn't speak and just letting him to talk.

"8 years right?"


"Have you ever felt being remorseful? 8 years isn't a joke. I know those years felt like forever right?"

Lisa purse her lips before she imbibe a large amount of beer. She closed her eyes as she force to emptied the can. She flattened the can before she let go of it.

"I never regret about years" Lisa said, her throat is burning "I feel remorseful about the person whom I love the most. It's true, every person has different personality, views in life, charm, intellect... Meaning, everyone's unique. I found someone who completed me.. I found her but I also lost her"

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