Chapter 28

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Ella sobs so hard when she finally hug her sister that she's longing for three years. She didn't go to school just to see her, when Ella found out that Law firm will take the top notcher in the bar exam and had watched Jennie in the television, she took the chance to visit her since yesterday. It's just luck to her that Jennie started to walk today.

"Unnie.. " Ella's voice cracked.

Jennie is getting teary but she remain firm. She rub Ella's back and hug her so tight. She can't deny that she missed her annoying little sister. She felt empty during those days that no one will annoyed her every morning or before they go to sleep.

"You're a big girl now" Jennie uttered and brushed Ella's hair, she's a teenager already.

"Unnie.. I looked for you for three years" She cry and didn't want her to let go "Mom and Dad were seeking for help just to see you and finally I found you Unnie"

Jennie removed Ella's hug and made her chin up, she wipe her tears trying to smile to her sister. She fixed Ella's hair and cup her cheeks

"You never cry like that before" Jennie jokingly said.

"Unnie.. When you left home, we felt incomplete. Why did you left us? I was so problematic on my homework, examinations and projects because I don't have a sister to asked for help" Her voice is shaking.

Jennie dragged her on the couch and look at her sister's face "I can't believe you are big girl now. I miss you so much my little girl so stop crying because Unnie is here" She genuinely smile at her.

"Is this for real?" She whimper.

Jennie chuckle and hug her "For real. You can call me anytime you wanted" She rub Ella's back.

Ella pulled out and stares at her "So you will go home?" Her eyes are hoping to hear a yes from Jennie.

But Jennie shook her head and hold Ella's hand "I have my own home now Ella.. I have to live on my own because I used to be like that after I left" She sadly said.

Ella's expression dropped when she heard her reply. Jennie shook her hand to comfort her.

The little girl sigh and smile at Jennie "Okay whatever your decision is.. It's fine with me.. Just don't leave me again, okay?" She frown.

Jennie laugh softly and wipe the remaining tears on Ella's cheeks. She stood up and check her inside office while she's not letting go of her hand.

"Come with me.. I want you to meet my ball of sunshine" Jennie said and pull her up.

"A dog? Unnie, Kuma is a destroyer.. You can take him with you" Ella knitted her eyebrows that made Jennie laugh.

She pull Ella up and open the office door for her.

"Okay.. Close your eyes first" Jennie said and cover it.

She dragged the girl inside, holding Jennie's hand so tight. They stop from walking and let Ella stand on her own.

"Don't open your eyes" Jennie told and search for her son.

She found him playing at the back of the couch. She carry him right away and told him not to speak which he listened very well.

Jennie stood up in front of Ella and let Reign reach his Auntie's face.

"Unnie stop pinching my nose. I'm not a kid anymore" Ella back away

"You can now open your eyes" Jennie ordered.

"What's with-" Ella's eyes widened when she saw a little boy clinging on Jennie's neck "Unnie.. You are married??"

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