Chapter 74

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When Reign saw Lisa in front of him, he scurry towards her and give a tight hug on the leg. The young boy is too happy that he see Lisa standing in front of him.

Reign giggled and looked up to see her, he unconsciously lifted up his arms so the tall girl will carry him. Lisa was bewildered on the thought that Reign is here with them. She smile slowly and sustain the kid on her arms.

Lisa embrace the kid and walk few inches away from the door, she's having a hard time to breathe as she's restraining herself from tearing up. She gentle rubbed the back of Reign and kissed his head several times.

"What are you doing here?" Lisa asked as she pulled away from their embrace.

Reign squeeze Lisa's cheeks and laugh "Uncle Bobby told me that Mommy called him to drop me here. How about you? What are you doing here?" He asked cheerfully.

Lisa looked intently on Reign's face, she couldn't deny that they have similarities "I'm taking a vacation" She replied and fixed his bangs. She caress Reign's cheeks and kiss his forehead.

As Lisa looked on the door, she saw Jennie. The latter purse her lips first and took deepest breaths before she speak.

"Reign, come here" Jennie said.

The little boy looked at his Mom and asked Lisa to put him down which the tall girl did. She let Reign run towards Jennie with a wide smile drawn on his face.

"I-I was.. I was about to.. ask if.. we-" Lisa didn't finish her words when Jennie intervene.

"Let's go inside? The foods are waiting" Jennie said to her and smile awkwardly, she took Reign's hand to get inside.

Lisa closed her fist first before she go inside the room. She can smell the pleasant meals that Jennie prepared. She watched how Jennie look after their son, she put him on the chair and make him wear the bib around his neck.

"We can't eat in the restaurant because Reign is not used to it. He prefer my cook than any other foods in the fast food chain" Jennie said, not even looking at her.

"It's fine. I wanna taste your cooks" Lisa uttered. Reign looked at her and pointed the empty seat "You want me to sit here?"

Reign nodded his head "Mommy will sit there" He muttered while rubbing his eyes, the kid arrived really early today because Jennie told Bobby to drop him off here around 5am.

"Take your seat" Jennie said and went to the sink to take the utensils.

Lisa pull the chair and do what Jennie told. Looks like they're family in a vacation but sadly it will only last for their remaining days.

Jennie prepared cooked meat, seaweed soup and Japchae which is really hard to cook. Seems like Jennie put a lot of effort on cooking this early morning so the two can eat enough.

"I saw the sea earlier" Reign speak in muted tones that Lisa can only hear.

"You see it?" Lisa murmur back as she flustered a smile "You wanna play on the water later?"

Reign nodded his head fast "I can't swim, Mommy won't allow me" He whispered while covering his mouth.

"Then I'll teach you how to swim" Lisa replied, looks like they're about to do a crime behind Jennie's back.

"What are you guys discussing about?" Jennie asked while she's facing her back, she turned around and put the spoon and fork on the table.

The two just laugh silently and shrugged their shoulder at the same time.

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