Chapter 57

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Lisa stares at Reign and said "Dr. Manoban.. I'm Dr. Manoban" She replied to him.

Reign bob his head "Dr. Manoban!" He giggles.

Jennie looked at them. She quickly take Reign from Lisa and carry him while she's preparing the foods. Lisa didn't complain because she knows what Jennie's rules are.

"Uncle Bobby is a police officer. I love him!" He shouted so Lisa can hear it.

Lisa smile forcefully and bob her head "As you should" She said.

Jennie finished preparing the foods so she put Reign on the separate seat and put his bib around his neck. Lisa is just staring at Jennie's dull face, she finds her really attractive which made her look away and swallow a lump.

"Do you need a hand?" Lisa asked.

"I can do it" She replied and put the dishes on the table.

It's a typical breakfast, only Bulgogi added on the dish since Reign requested it when he woke up. Lisa's eyes went amaze on the preparation since she never had a normal breakfast when they moved in a unit.

"You prepared all of this?" Lisa started the conversation.

"Who would be? Reign?" Jennie mocked "Stop talking and let's just eat"

Lisa sigh and looked at Reign, the young boy is waiting for Jennie to give him a spoonful of rice. He took the laver and put it inside his mouth without any help from his Mom.

"Are you going to stare at him throughout the meal?" Jennie asked sternly and feed her son.

"I'm sorry" Lisa apologize and started eat.

There's an awkwardness between them. Jennie keeps on talking to Reign while he's eating while Lisa, she's just listening to them. It feels like a music into her ears.

"Auntie Ella will be here?" Reign asked while his mouth is full of rice.

"Yeah so we need to go home as early as possible" Jennie replied and give him a piece of meat.

"I haven't seen Ella. I guess she's a teenager now" Lisa interrupted, she's enjoying her food.

Jennie didn't speak and wipe Reign's mouth before she give him his water to drink.

"Nothing change to the food, I still love it" Lisa praise her.

"You already tasted Mommy's dish? How?" Reign asked and gaze on her.

Jennie and Lisa looked at each other, waiting for someone to speak up.

"Don't mind-"

"I was your Mom's friend before and she usually cooked for us" Liss cut Jennie off before she took a bite of a meat again.

Reign didn't ask again and just focus on eating his whole meal. Lisa ate a lot, looks like she haven't had any meal for a decade because she almost ate all of it. Jennie didn't complain even though she ate less, she couldn't feel any hunger because of so much stress.

When they're done eating, Jennie put away all of the used plates. Reign made his way to the remote control car that Dr. Lee gave to him.

Lisa stood up and help Jennie to clean the mess "I'll help you" She said.

Jennie didn't protest and just let her, when they reach the kitchen she face Lisa and rolled her eyes.

"Then what would you tell to Somi when you get home? I know for sure she'll attack because you didn't come home last night" Jennie asked her, trying to maintain her voicr as low as possible.

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