Chapter 14

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Jennie's P. O. V.

Two days passed and still, Lisa and I were not okay. She's ignoring my calls but sending me some messages like reminding me to eat, saying I love you and telling me that she's on work but as soon as I replied on her messages, she'll never answer back. She's like this.. Everytime we have a fight abut jealousy, she won't let her guard down. It's pretty hard to chase her but I'm used to it.

I will visit her in their dorm right after my Law class. I called Jisoo to asked where Lisa is and she told me that she's fine and doing well in work. She's a little bit hesitant and I don't know why.

"Good Morning Ma'am" My student from High school greeted me.

"Good Morning" I smile.

My sprain is already fine, I can now walk by myself but can't run as fast as before. For two days, Mino was nowhere to be found. I can't asked my office mate because it seems like they're blaming me. I feel so guilty everytime I'm thinking of it. Maybe the punch that Lisa launched was pretty bad so I have to visit him but I don't know where is his house.

I proceed inside the office and no one's inside. Maybe they're in their classes or there's a meeting. I put my bag and books on the table and think of something.

I proceed to our department head's table to check the record. Thankfully that there's no CCTV inside. I flip the pages and search for Song Mino's record. I'm so sure that I can find his information here since every employees should have it.

Few flips and I found his profile. I quickly search on his location and found out that he's living few minutes away if you take a taxi.. I write his address and put the book on it's right place before I proceed on my table.

I open my phone and tried to call Lisa again but she's already out of reach. I don't know how to catch up with her because both of us are busy besides, she should be the one who'll lower down her pride because it's her fault.

Even if she was jealous, she shouldn't do it. She should just talk to me and ask few things before take an action because in the very first place we never did anything but.. Yeah, she can feel jealousy even though someone's just looking or touching me. This problem would not be resolved if both of us will let our pride up.

But I'm so proud of myself that everytime that I have a problem, I'm always leaving it in our house. If I am angry, I will keep it on myself and not gonna put the hate on others. If I will bring my struggles with me then I won't be productive. It's hard to think if your mind is occupied with something.. That's why in our group, I am the only one who can manage and resolve my problem without any help from others.

"I think it's time to go to class" I said to myself before I got up from my seat. I'm so sleepy because I study so hard last night, I don't want to stand up for the rest of the period when I attend our law class. It's kinda embarrassing if the judge will shouted on you for being stupid.

I experienced it once so after that, I said No. It will never gonna happen again even though it's fine.. For me it's not. I want to be the top 1 in Bar examination by next year.. Wanna show them that I am not that easy girl they know.. They will see it. Everyone will see it that I will take the Oath and will work in the Law firm.


Lisa's P. O. V.

"It's fine.. No one's fault"

"It's not fine. How could you tell me that it's fine?" I scoff.

So basically, I am here inside my Father's office. I thought there's a meeting but he just called me to say those words. He's been bugging me since last night, telling me that we need to talk about the failed operation.

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