Chapter 17

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It's been 3 days since Jennie Lisa moved in a condo. Jennie let go and turn her back to her family which made him mad for choosing Lisa over them and dreams.

Mr. Manoban bought a condo unit for the two and pulled out Lisa from the dorm. Lisa was so mad to the point that she can hurt someone. They decided to get married once Lisa graduated with her residency. Jennie will be pulled out from school and gave up her dream to become Lawyer just to be focus on Lisa and the baby. They visited the doctor and gave Jennie some vitamins and foods to eat everyday for the baby.

Both Jennie and Lisa's friends are surprised on the sudden news except Taehyung and Jin who're angry with Lisa. They know it will be hard for the both of them because Lisa hates Jennie so much to the point that she's blinded by it.

"I cooked something for you. Why don't you eat first before you go?" Jennie offered as she put the plates on the table while wearing an apron.

Lisa rolled her eyes and didn't mind her. She continue drying her hair by the towel and proceed inside the room. She wear her clothes first and walk out to leave.

"Lisa.. Let's eat. I cooked your favorite food" Jennie smile at her.

"Keep it so you'll have something to eat later when you get hungry" She said and wear her shoes.

"But I cooked it for you" Jennie replied.

"Jennie.. Could you please stop pestering my day? When I told you to keep it, you'll keep it. Okay? You're living with me so you have to do what I told you. For you and your baby's sake" She scowl that made Jennie shut.

Lisa stood up and take her winter coat. She left the unit without even saying goodbye to her or something. Jennie took her seat on the table and force herself to smile as she eat on her own.

"You can do it Jennie" She whispered to herself "It's for the baby"

She cut the meat as the tears mixed on it. She took three bites and put the knife and fork on the plate before she wipe her tears.

She washed the dishes and put those cooked foods she made for Lisa in the trash. She proceed in their room where there are two bedroom inside. Lisa couldn't take to be with Jennie in one bed that's why she bought another one. It hurts Jennie's ego but it's fine.

After an hour of preparing, she grab her things to drive herself alone to the school to give her resignation form and quitting from Law school.

She proceed to the parking lot and drive her car slowly. It's 15 minutes away from their condo so she arrived really early. She get off from her car and proceed in the main office. Every students greeted her good morning and she smile back at them.

"Good Morning" Jennie said when she open the office door. Everyone look at her, looking so dissapointed.

She proceed where the Department head's cubicle. Mino is there, he just finished his morning class and looking confusingly to Jennie. For the passed months, he didn't know what's happening with Jennie since they're just acquaintance.

"Are you sure about this? You can still work even if you're pregnant" The Deparment asked in his soft voice.

"My decision is final and it's the best way to do" She replied and give the pen to him.

"It's fine. We can look for someone better" He said in sarcastic way.

Jennie just smile a bit because she has no energy to argue with anyone. Her whole body is drained. When he signed the contract Jennie keep it inside her bag and bow her head.

"Thank you for accepting me here" Jennie said with her loud voice and bow her head to them.

She lower down her head as she walk out of the office. She swirl around to check the whole building and indeed, she will miss this place.

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