Chapter 38

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Bobby's P. O. V

I made this man entered Ruby Jane's apartment because she told me to let him in. I found Reign on the door peeking outside. When I open it, he jumped out of excitement so I was thinking that maybe he's friends with RJ. Reign lifted up his arms so he can carry him right away.

"How are you sweet boy?" He asked.

I walked to the kitchen and get something to drink "You want coffee? Milk?" I asked.

"No thanks" He replied.

"No. RJ told me that I need to give you something while she's away.. She'll be mad at me" I scratch my head and open the cabinet.


I looked back and nod my head "Yeah? Ruby Jane.. " I said, getting confused.

He scrunch his face first "Ah! Okay.. I get it" He chuckle and put down Reign "I have something for you"

I let them talk for a while so I can prepare something. He looks like in a not so late 30's so maybe a tea is fine with him. I took the cup and waited for the water to boil. I cooked RJ's favorite so her stress won't eat her until she fall asleep.

I received a message from her earlier and asking for Reign's picture today so I have to send her several photos because I can feel that stressed from her place up to here. Reign is the only person who can make RJ feel better. This is the only thing that I can do to make her happy..

I can't surpass the 8 years that they had.. When RJ told me everything that they shared, I can feel that her ex was so serious and can fulfill everything that she needed. It's hard to ask her because she is focus to her son but I actually respect it.

"This is expensive, right?" I heard Reign's voice. I turn around while holding the cup of tea to put it on the counter so I can watch them.

"It's not that expensive. I heard most of the kids are addicted to toy cars so I bought it for you" He said and looking at Reign's face for reaction.

"I love it but I don't want Mommy to think about another payment" He give it back. I chuckle and just shook my head.

"What? No! It's free. It's a gift for you" He convinced him and give it back "You don't have to worry"

Reign took it slowly and wrapped his arms around his neck "Thank you for the gift Dr. Lee!" He smiley said and open the paper bag. His mouth went agape when he took it out.

"Let's try it!" This man said, I heard how Reign call him so probably he's a Doctor.

I brough the tea and put it on the table near him "Here.. " I said and took my seat to watch Reign.

Dr. Lee bought him a remote control toy car. He looks so excited. I don't know how to feel.. I pity him so much. He's just a kid yet he can't have anything that a child should have. As much as we want to give him the toys and everything he wanted, we couldn't. Especially RJ... She couldn't afford the toys back then. She can buy cheap toys that can easily be broken in the supermarket. That's why Reign reacted by this.

He's too smart that can understand the situation in the very young age. He knows that they need money for food and everything. I don't know how come he understand everything, he's just an innocent child.

RJ told me before that her ex was rich and even her.. If they didn't put her into this situation, this won't happen.

"Dr. Lee... Am I right?" I asked while watching how Reign used his toy.

He looked at me and took his tea "Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! Yes.. I'm Dr. Lee!" He asked for a handshake which I took quickly.

"I'm Bobby" I shortly said before we parted our hands. We both looked at Reign who's giggling over his new toy

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