Chapter 80

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8:00 PM.

Mr. Manoban got up from his bed after a long nap. He was tired from work and didn't have a chance to eat dinner. He wore his eyeglass and turned on the lamp beside his bed.

"8:00" He mumbled and stop for a while. He instantly get off from his bed and hurriedly went to Lisa's home to check her but the latter wasn't there. He's expecting that Lisa will come home today but looks like the Lady stayed in her condo instead.

He walked downstairs and made his way towards the kitchen to drink water. He took a glass of it and drink it right away. He walked back to the living room again and was about to step on the stairs when he heard an engine car turned off. Mr. Manoban waited in the living room until the door unlocked. He's about to take the vase beside the stairs and getting ready to smash it on someone's head but it's Lisa who came in.

"Dad" Lisa surprisingly said when she saw her Dad gripping on the vase and look somewhat relieve "What are you doing with that vase?"

Marco put it back and scratch his eyebrow "You didn't message me that you'll come home this time" He said and looked at her Daughter from head to toe "Where have you been? I thought you'll be home this early afternoon?"

"I was trying to visit Liam and waited for him outside the house for the whole day because Somi's Dad won't let me in and see him" She stated with sadness mark on her face "Are you about to sleep?"

"Somehow yes but.. you came in so.. You want to talk?" He offered when he felt the heaviness on Lisa's presence. He can tell that his daughter is hiding something "You want to drink?"

Lisa purse her lips as she's getting shy to say yes and have a talk with her Dad. She stood up awkwardly and puff her cheeks because of embarrassment.

"Come here" Marco said and went to the wine rack to take the whiskey "It's good to have a drink in the garden because of the lights"

Lisa didn't answer and just followed her Dad towards the garden. They took their seat on the bench with a glass table in the center. It's really relaxing because it was placed under the tree with a lot of hanging lights on it. Marco put down the whiskey and glass before he pour it down.

"What happened with your vacation? You enjoyed?" He asked and push the glass towards his Daughter.

Lisa took it and stares at it, she smile unconsciously and bob her head "Yeah. I really enjoyed it a lot" She replied.

"I can see" Marco uttered and looked around the place "I've never been on this place since your Mom and Jungkook died, full of memories"

Lisa looked at her back and roam her eyes, she smile weakly "We used to hang out here" She chuckle and take a sip of her drink.

"Look on that swing, I can still see Jungkook there" He pointed and laugh then stop out of nowhere "If they're still alive, Maybe we're still fine like before. But I didn't save them"

Lisa lowered down her head as she remembered what happened inside the operating room. It's still fresh in her mind and that's the moment when she swore that she'll be a Doctor someday and won't be like her Dad.

"Maybe Jungkook is alread a great chemist" He chuckle and took another shot of whiskey "I would have two children with a great profession, I will be the proudest Dad if I see you both growing together but life is too short, life betrayed me because it took your Mom and Jungkook's life that fast"

"And if they're still here, Maybe they won't be proud for who I am now" Lisa said and took a shot.

Marco rested his both arms on the table and looked at Lisa intently "Life is too short Lisa, really short. Life is too short to choose the wrong thing. In that short span of time, we can do a lot of things if we didn't choose the wrong one. Well it's fine if you pick up the wrong rock but if you keep on doing the same mistake, you'll get stuck. And in that short time? You'll feel long time regrets and you wouldn't be able to escape from it" He said, not breaking his contact to her.

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