Chapter 3: First day

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8:00 AM
At Manoban Medical Hospital

Lisa reach their hospital for her first day as an intern. She park her car and promptly storm inside the hospital where an early bird patients who'll ask for immediate checkups are already there. She's holding a bag with full of necessary things that she needs.

"Oh Hi Lisa!" Ten run beside her and walk together.

"I'm in the good mood today so please don't ruin it" She groan and walk in hasty trying to avoid the annoying boy she knew.

"I'm not ruining your mood, just wanna say hi. You know we've been classmates before and we barely talk. Even we had a group projects, you always turning your back" He complain while gesturing.

Lisa show a disapproval to him by shaking her head "You already know what my answer is" She laugh and open the office door where the doctors are situated.

"Ooooh. Good Morning Dr. Manoban!" The senior of intern greeted named, Yubin.

"Oh. Good Morning Miss Yubin" Lisa greet her back.

"I'm proud that you're not late" Jisoo chuckle while she's busy reading a book while her legs are resting on the top of her table and even fidgeting on her pen.

"Well" Lisa shrug her shoulder and walk towards an emptied table but before she even put her bag someone behind her smash the table by its hand. Lisa got startled and flinch.

"This is mine. Get your ass out because your table in on the other side" Somi pointed the table next to her and put her bag and book on the table.

Lisa shakes her head and rolled her eyes "Someone just ruined my day already" She whispered.

Lisa doesn't have any choice but to pick the table next to Somi. She put her things on the top like pen case, notebooks and books for medical purposes. Her doctor's gown is already hanging at the back of their table. She walk towards it and smile as soon as she touch the fabric.

"Hey Manoban.. " Somi calls her.


"How many of us will go to the Director's office? Or I must say your Father?" She ask while looking at her from the back.

Lisa turn around to face her and look at the watch "I don't know. Only the three of us I know. Why did you asked?"

"Nothing. Just wanna make sure that I'm not alone with you or ten.. I mean both of you are kinda annoying so whatever" She rolled her eyes and shakes her shoulder before she goes back in checking her files.

Someone barge inside "Mr. Choi Siwon and Ms. Park Bom, we need an assistance" A male Doctor said while catching his breath.

The two get up from their seats and wear their gowns before they proceed outside the office.

"Waah. I'm getting nervous" Ten tap his chest and took his deepest breath.

"You'll be use to this kind of set up Ten" Jisoo chuckle and close her book. She look at Lisa who's behind her only "Are you nervous?"

Lisa force her smile "A little but I'm fine. It's normal" She assure.

Jisoo bob her head and offer a high five for Lisa "You should. Our friends will laugh at you if you faint because of nervousness. Taehyung and Jimin will be home tomorrow, just reminding you" She said.

"Oh. That's great, I wanna see those two idiots" Lisa laugh.

The Director went inside with two senior Doctors beside him. All of them immediately stand up and bow their heads except Lisa who just get up from her seat slowly and not bothered.

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