Chapter 7

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Jennie's P. O. V.

We reached the shore of the sea, the orgasmic sound of the waves are soothing my whole existence. From so much stress this week to one day relaxation with my love. Everytime I can feel the stress coming to reach my point, I always telling Lisa to bring me somewhere that I can see or hear how the sea sing through the waves.

While I was walking, Lisa keeps on taking pictures of me from behind. She's always doing this whenever we have dates or what so she can look at it when she feels sad and lonely, how dramatic, right?

"Will you stop taking pictures of my back and join me walk?" I hissed as I turn around, a flash of her camera flick on my eyes which made me startled.

"What a great shot" She laugh and look at me "Just give me a one blow shot and I will stop from taking pictures"

I rolled my eyes and just position myself like a model. She took a picture of me and instantly hang it around her neck.

"Hold my hand" She insisted.

I grab her hand and interlock it. Since she's wearing a jeans, She fold it up and removed her sneakers.

"Are you going to walk through this with your high heels? I told you not to wear those. I am afraid that you might lose your balance and get a sprain" She said in worry.

Lisa kneel down and let me support my body by grabbing her hair. She removed my heels and look at me with a wide smile on her face. I don't know but seeing her smile like this, I feel home.. I feel safe and secure.

"Why are you smiling?" I asked.

"Nothing. I just love your feet, it's really small" She chuckle and got up. She carry my heels and her sneakers as we walk.

There are some couples in the port but we decided to have a walk within the shore. I swing our arms and feel the hit of the wind, our hair dance in rhythm.

"You mentioned last night that you'll go somewhere with your friends?" I asked her.

She look at me pouting and bob her head "Yeah.. You'll go with me, right?"

"I can't. I have examination tomorrow. Don't you remember?"

"Ah! I forgot! I'm sorry" She laugh at her own mistake and give me a hug "I know you'll be the top student again"

"Aaaaah! Stop it, you're just putting me on with so much pressure. I can feel the anxiety building up inside me again! Aaah! Lisaa!" I scowl and hit her shoulder, she knows that I hate it. I hate to be cheer up everytime that I will do something. It's thwarting.

"Okay okay! I'll stop.. You're so cute" She chortle and we look down to see the salt clear water that touching our toes "Tomorrow, I heard that a patient from other hospital will be transferred in ours.. And maybe, I will be assign with it. The kid has a brain tumor and we need to take it off before it's too late"

My eyes bawl out, brain tumor? Woah. It's really hard to do.. I mean it's vicious to perform an operation. Addition to that, it's a kid.

"Really? Woah. Who's with you?"

"I'll be with Jisoo Unnie or Doctor Park" She replied and flashes a beam "I'm seriously nervous everytime I'm thinking of it. I'm still new"

"But you can do it.. It's not about how long is your experience.. It's about your desire and passion about your career. Remember that, whatever happens, you'll still be my number one surgeon. Everything that happened inside the hospital must leave in there.. Whether if it's good or not. You hear me?" I advice as I cup her cheeks.

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