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Two Different Kim's, Two Different Sides | Jensoo FanFic by georgieb33
Two Different Kim's, Two Different...by kpoptrash
"You ruined my life." "Not me. Our parents did." - Both Kim's are stuck with fighting each other due to a family feud that started with their parents...
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Deliberately || Seulmin by skydeepmoon
Deliberately || Seulminby skydeepbae
" Do you know that, promises are made to be broken and secret are meant to be share ? " In which an unknown man suddenly claim that she's his fiancé. STATUS :...
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Stay Away [Lisa x Female Reader]✔ by PotatoDudz
Stay Away [Lisa x Female Reader]✔by 💎
You went to a Blackpink concert but who knew going to that concert would change how you live your life now? ___________ Y/N: I'm sorry, I can't. You have to stay away Li...
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Fangirl » Lee Donghyuck/Haechan by snowflakesonmylaptop
Fangirl » Lee Donghyuck/Haechanby inês
• Book 2 of NCT 2018 Series • ❝I think I am in love with her.❞ ❝Are you stupid? You are just a plain old fangirl to her.❞ ©snowflakesonmylaptop, 2018 2019/05/01 ㅡ #1 Hae...
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RED VELVET MEMES by Zoralineee
Memes can cure depressions, so let's go;) [01.09.19]
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- Imagines - Oneshots - Reaction - etc. Feel free to request!~
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blues clues // k.sg + b.jh by joyhwi
blues clues // k.sg + b.jhby 霏
bluehyun: what if i was never part of your class in the first place? seulgibear: ...what??? bluehyun: nvm in which seulgi befriends 'blue' on twitter.
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Where Were You? by lilininijenlisa
Where Were You?by Z
Jennie a hard working surgeon who's trying to prove her family that she's worth being praised just like her former older sister. Lisa a go-with-the-flow pediatrician wh...
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again || jung jaehyun by hozeokz
again || jung jaehyunby clemyclue ッ
"we'll be alright, please let's try again"
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Guarded | Seulrene FF by RossierX
Guarded | Seulrene FFby RossierX
A brat client vs. A mysterious bodyguard. Where does one curiosity might lead to?
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Met you | Seulrene FF by RossierX
Met you | Seulrene FFby RossierX
"Meeting you must be destiny" -Irene
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[✔️] Across The Years | Seulrene by 00sjenlisa
[✔️] Across The Years | Seulreneby sash
Falling in love with someone is a crazy feeling. Whether it's forbidden, complicated, or secretly then can't do anything about it. But Seulgi? Couldn't she be more crazy...
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You (SeulRene Fanfic) by UrFellowShipper
You (SeulRene Fanfic)by UrFellowShipper
Everyone has been telling me not to interact with her. She's got rumors surrounding herself. Should I believe them or not? What is the truth behind you? ~~~ original sto...
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𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 ➳ p.jm, k.sg by aesugalicious
𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 ➳ p.jm, k.sgby 𝒋𝒖𝒍𝒆
❝ in which jimin met a girl who exactly looks like his ex girlfriend, and decided to play with her heart ❞ #1 in bangtanvelvet (08/10/19)
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Her Fangirl  by lalisthetics
Her Fangirl by var
HER FANGIRL [LOVE-HATE SERIES #1] Fangirling over someone for years? Being loyal to someone for years? Yep, that's me. I, Lalisa Manoban, a fangirl who's deeply in love...
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Bodyguard; Seulrene ✓ by blackvelstaethics
Bodyguard; Seulrene ✓by (•ө•)
"Ride me." Credits to @dnthrs for the book cover and for editing the book itself
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coincidence || joyri  by yermturtle
coincidence || joyri by h
as summer is beginning to end, yeri meets new friends, including an old friend she had met online. but, what happens when she gets robbed by them- only finding out that...
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Red Velvet Imagines  by redvelvet-4-life
Red Velvet Imagines by Irene is Mine
My love for redvelvet is reaaal =3 Content a looooot of RV Imagines ^_< ¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤π¤ DISCLAIMER : !! The picture, media,video and so whatever is not m...
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Silent||Seulrene by Chaeyoungiiee
Silent||Seulreneby ☆yujin☆
A girl who doesn't talk, but what will happen when a new student comes and tries to be friends with her? The new girl will find out things about the other girl that she...
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mission failed || seulrene  by yermturtle
mission failed || seulrene by h
irene is the leader of the high tech spy team under sm company, red velvet. however, when a mission that was given to her team ended up in a failure, she finds out about...
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